It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Patrick (song)

When I got home on Thanksgiving Eve and got sneaks kicked off, got catz and hooman fed and gotz myself settled into the sweats that I was going to wear until Friday morning (I joyously, or should I say thankfully, didn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving) I downloaded a couple of older posts in the Attic that I had read at the end of the day and emailed to myself with the intention of cleaning them up for Audio Posts only to discover that I didn’t like my read on either of them.

They were too fast, and no matter how much I tried to convince myself that “Hey, Steve, they’re just fine man, you can use them” I just couldn’t. That was disappointing as I love having something to edit, or a new intended thought to write when I can be an idiot and stay up far too late knowing I’m off the next day. And I can be a REAL idiot in this regard. Like sometimes even a not realizing I haven’t been to bed till the next afternoon kind of idiot.

But with no new edits or new words coming I just went to MLB and DK Pittsburgh Sports to see if there were any new news to report for the Bucco’s in Hot Stove action land, I checked my fantasy basketball and football teams, went to Facebook etc etc yadda yadda blah blah to basically just PC putz and see if anything WOULD come now that I had relaxed and was comfortably hunkered.

Then I came across a Facebook post from a friend, Linda, who is cat folk, like me, along with her husband with a few running around their stead doing all cat stuff and such and her post was a picture of the very handsome Patrick on a spot next to a pretty Christmas tree decoration with a post quote that said, simply, “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Patrick”.

I got a real laugh out of that but then, I of course sang, in my head, as I was compelled to, as surely anyone who read the post was compelled to, the next line in a Patrick version of “It’s Beginning To Look A Like Christmas” and then another and another until I said “Oh shit, just open up a blank document already dude and get to work and have a bit of fun”.

A few hours later, after following along with Bing over and over and over again, I had a full Patrick take done.

I then replied to Linda’s post with “Ok, so you do know that dropping “It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick” is like dropping the gauntlet to a to a crazy cat lady guy who likes to do this sort of thing right?” while I posted her my new lyrics along with the YouTube Bing Crosby for her to follow along with.

This garnered me a reply of “Wow! I have to say I am very impressed my friend! THAT is AWESOME!!” which brought me such a smile, and with caps and everything and even a “We Are Not Worthy” Wayne and Garth Gif! I know, a Wayne and Garth Gif huh??!! Hey, your envy is not very becoming, just be happy for a fella will ya?!

I thought during the day earlier today though that I couldn’t just leave it at the lyrics and a follow along with Bing now could I and when I checked? There was a usable karaoke version of the tune that was just waitin’ for me and my little studio before leaving for the day. I just had to right?

So anyway, long story long.

Cheers Linda … and Patrick

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Patrick

It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick

Everywhere Pat goes

Take a look in his snug cat bed laying his Patrick head

With maybe a mouse or two un-der his toes


It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick

Fur on every rug

Till the monster is need brought out

To suck away all hair’s clout

While Patrick runs no doubt


An extra can can of food or some cat nip for mood

Is his wish as any cat would

Ball with a bell and a knock it to hell

Is new wish across some hardwood


And Mom and Dad do funny dance to not step on cat’s pants


It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick

Everywhere Pat goes


There’s a tree that is soon to rise

Each branch a new cat prize

The hanging kind just waiting for a fall

It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick

Snoozing underneath

And what brings that slumber best

Are the lights not put to test

With Christmas cats now at rest

— (break)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Patrick

Runnin’ cross the floor

To every cat’s Christmas dream

And the presents that will be

Box torn paper all a-skew


Sure it’s Patrick once more … time to puke, time to puke it’s Patrick’s time to puke.

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