Existential Cat

Full bore Cricket the Blind at around her usual 6am the other morning after hopping down off the bed from her comfy spot and heading to the office.

Clocking in she grabs her clipboard and a pencil:

1. Loudly scratch the large flat cat scratcher – CHECK.

2. Messily slap the shit out of the water bowls and the water in them before standing/playing in one or both said bowls like kiddie pools to slurp water off paw and hope that mom comes out with sandwiches and Kool Aid – CHECK.

3. Crunch away at hard food with mouth open – CHECK.

4. Sit for a moment and wail mournful sounding meows as if at the funeral of a cat friend while dropping flowers on the grave – CHECK.

5. Take a head lolling roomba cat stroll around the apartment until I hear little Bella hiss from her comforter cat bed – CHECK.

6. Return to water bowls, commence with more water slapping kiddie pool standing paw slurping or maybe even actual very audible water drinking – CHECK.

7. Think about puking or actually puke – CHECK.

8. Hit the litter box. Literally “hit” the litter box, on all sides inside, even sides that aren’t actually the litter box but can be called wall, scratch and drag and Bugs Bunny back kick while I pull the covers over my head trying not to hear the litter that’s raining down on the hardwood outside the box like hail – CHECK.

9. Hang clipboard in it’s spot, clock out and hop back up onto the bed to grab another comfy spot next to or on a now fully awake Steve, her work complete – CHECK.

Freakin’ noisy messy-ass cat.

Love her.

New addition to her office clipboard checklist this morning though.

10. Meow one solitary meow after the clocking out that sounds exactly and strangely like “Whyyyyyyyy?” – CHECK.

Freakin’ noisy messy-ass existential cat.

She Said (Old T-shirt) (song)

Alright. I’ve done this before with “We Let Billy Drive the Car”, my little thing about a heist gone awry from September of 2020, so I thought I’d give it another whirl.

Find an instrumental at my work production music site that I like and see if I can write something to it, the only difference here being that that “Billy” song story had already been kinda rattlin’ around my head for a quite a while. This one? Not so much. I started only with “She said” a couple of days ago and just went from there with the instrumental tonight.

She said where have you been because ya seem lost

Feel like I’m living a fever dream but at what cost

Where you’re here one day then gone the next is this a test

I’m even wearing that old T-shirt that you liked the best

But is it yours or mine I’m not quite sure

Did I even one time even know this band I forget the tour

Found it on the floor newly washed I’m sure I think it’s yours

But you’re somewhere gone I think I must report you lost

We used to be on page in the same book

And you would give me looks to make me bend around with you

And send me stars as dots to connect of how you and I were them

Until we reached the moon no lookin’ back just … postcards to send 

She said we sillied with the best of them

Made others envy green when they couldn’t contend with us they bled

That green and not just in the month of March is what they jigged

You’d make us angry year round if we could only ever be mad at you …

But you’re missing now … she said

What’s happened to you … where is your head

But you’re missing now … she said

What place do you go … one that isn’t our stead

You’re missing now … she said

Is it a place where I can bring you back now from the dead


I guess this T-Shirt’s mine now is what she says

I think I might just even have to wear it to bed

But not with thoughts of you if that’s somehow in your head

No I won’t be wearin’ it long … that’s what he said

No it’ll hit the floor running as he gives me looks   

To bend around with him in writing pages fresh book

And he sends me new stars on new trips to the moon

Where all is small, lost is not found

We’ll send postcards soon

The GOP Can (song)

Ok, another musical editorial, I like it, it’s got things to say, my singing doesn’t make dogs cry (at least I don’t think so and me doing any experimenting to try and prove such would probably come off as weird and possibly even cruel) and I worked “askance” into the lyrics so it has that going for it as well.

(to Sammy Davis Jr’s “The Candy Man”)

Alright everybody

Gather round GOP man is here

Now what kinda country you want

Sweet white grievance, ignorance, revised history, gun pops?

Anything you want

You’ve come to the right klan because only the GOP can

Who can take elections (who can take elections)

Sprinkle with Big Lie (sprinkle with big lie)

Claim the last gold standard but hinder future tries

The GOP (the GOP)

Oooh the GOP can (the GOP can)

The GOP can  

Make all else an also ran

Results already planned (results already planned)

Who can make our schools get (who can make our schools get)

Riled up to re-invent (riled up to re-invent)

Teach versions where our hist’ry has an only whitey bent

The GOP (the GOP)

The GOP can (the GOP can)

The GOP projects in some wishful burning texts

They’ll make all a-gain good

The GOP rakes everything at stake

Over coals of division

This di-vide their only true vision

Damn the Libs forcing decisions

Ohhhh, who can take invasion (who can take invasion)

Of an ally’s sovereignty (an ally’s sovereignty)

By a murdering despot and admire with great glee

Some GOP (some GOP)

Oooh some GOP can (some GOP can)

Or others they can in hypocrisy their brand

Decry horrors at hand

But then they all brake at more public takes  

On how they feel of orange missives

Expressing his more bromance dishes

To this now well they’ll just dis-miss it

Yeah yeah yeah

Who can yesterday now (who can yesterday now)

Forget it with a glance (forget it with a glance)

And build it back to suit them any real truth held askance

The GOP (the GOP)

The GOP can (the GOP can)

The GOP can Democracy that also ran

Warrants new Uncle Sam

The GOP can be shameless in their scam    

corrupt new order looks good



The GOP caaaannn



The GOP caaaannn

Alright everybody

That was nice

Break it up now

Yeah go home