We Let Billy Drive The Sleigh (song)

Thought to another Me & Tommy & Billy thing this weekend, them trying to redeem themselves by dropping their ill-gotten robbery loot at a community center for the kids at Christmas, but of course in the middle of the night and with an unexpected hitch.

Their world

The Heist We let Billy Drive The Car

At a bar Twin Vision

We Let Billy Drive the Sleigh

Moved in in a flash

To drop off welcome cash

For the kids at the center

Christmas eve and then dash

Me and Tommy

Thought to turn

Ill-gotten gains

In-to kid holidays

Tommy had the back door

While I checked on the front

And billy warmed the sleigh

Without the slightest reindeer grunt

Tommy gave the sign

And I moved then on his mark

He pulled out extra key

That he’d scored a while back

With tommy as a Rudolph

Me wearing Dentist props

We scooted in the back door

Latest score we were to drop

We moved careful

Of being caught fearful

But we knew we were safe

Billy’d checked night shakes

But then we heard a sound we knew that wasn’t right

It came out of the blue in this middle Christmas night

It came out with a growl like it had angry might

It wasn’t happy and we tried stay out of sight

Shit, where’d the dog come from Stevie?

I don’t know man

You said Billy scoped this place

A willy nilly dash that could have been fun

At another day and another time

But right now we worried for our lives

Tommy Juked I jived we even made some dives

And even some too cool movie slides

Tapes the cops were sure to watch to give ‘em a smile

How the hell did Billy not scope out a dog

Does it matter right now Tommy? He’s got my shoe!

Toss me the money

You’re worried about the money? He’s got my sock!

We still gotta leave it somewhere!! For the kids

Ahhh son of a bitch, catch

Damn, I think the beast grabbed it

Yeah and my other shoe!!

And then through back door came bright light

A bit of Christmas magic

Hey boys it’s just a me and I got the money here

Just gonna drop it under the kids Christmas tree

The good thing that we do

Our crime sprees now redeemed  

Got the sleigh out the back just waitin’ for a flee

And this guy is Duke if you haven’t met yet

He just loves a little scratch on the head

And don’t worry he won’t make y’all dead

Well, can I at least get my shoes back please … Duke? Ahhh, c’mon, really? They’re all slobbery and stuff