Screaming Eagles at the Ball Park

We have a softball team here at Cumulus. It carries the moniker “WPDH Screaming Eagles.” Not just regular old eagles, but eagles that scream and thus inspire fear as screaming could break out any moment and then you’re in trouble mister. A lot of the screaming of these eagles, recently, has been out of frustration though a win will come, I’m sure of it. Our team is helmed by Jeremiah from promotions and has a roster that includes “Noggin’ Glove” Shmonty from WRRV, Maggie and Kerry from upstairs here in the offices, M.K. from the road crew and a guy named Chris who’s a real Hoover at shortstop. There’s also Jeremiah and Shmonty’s much more attractive better half’s, Ally and “Need a Snack” Kari, Brian (Kerry’s guy), ace pitcher “Mountain on the hill” Danielle, pair Katy and Geoff and Eric, Doug, Mike and Corey. It is as fine a lineup as can be found in the league. Especially with the fact that not a single one of them is “that guy,” the one has to take the game too seriously and want to impress on every play while trying to recapture some magic from their youth. This is “for fun” co-ed softball that has, at least for the screaming eagles, one purpose: to provide that “for fun”, hopefully not get us hurt and then lead to a beer and good company after the game.

Now I’ve only been able to play in the last few games so I’m kind of the “new kid”, the kid called up for his first cup and the rookie initiations have run the gamut from none to me wearing women’s clothes (actually that was Saturday night and a story for another time). I also use the term “new kid” liberally as I’m probably old enough to be everyone’s dad but I’ve played these few games like a young phenom from running the bases in slow motion like I have a piano on my back to falling down on fly balls hit to me in left field. Safe to say that I’ve impressed.

Our most recent game was rained out, and it was funny because I was suddenly 12 again, in little league and cursing mother nature because I was really looking forward to playing, even if it was poorly. (Note: mother nature cursing was done quietly as she controls lightning). I haven’t played softball or any ball for that matter in quite some time and I can’t tell you how much I miss it. To get out there with a group of friends and to make new ones while having a good time and getting some much needed exercise is absolutely fantastic. There is a therapy there for long days that can’t be measured and I, for one, can’t wait for my next stumble in the outfield or on the basepaths in the name of camaraderie, good times and that eventual beer. Mother nature willing of course.