A Daylight Saving Monday Surprise

So this Daylight Saving nonsense, moving the clocks back in the Fall, doesn’t really have much of an effect on me, I don’t work Sundays where the extra hour would be a more tangible thing or do overnight weekend radio any longer where an hour was tacked onto my shift, no, I just sleep right through it and know that the clock in my car will finally tell the correct time again until March when I head to work on Monday.

Now I say doesn’t really have MUCH of an effect though as there is one, an effect I came about this morning when I got up close to my alarm for that pee break you take when you’re close to your alarm that you don’t really want to take because you’re close to your alarm and you argue with yourself over whether you really need to get up, this close to your alarm an all, is this really urgent or the old man that you are just thinking he MIGHT need to go, aren’t you sooooo perfectly comfortable right now and so on and so on.

Well, I lost the internal “stay in bed” argument, and, flashlight in hand so as not to step on anything furry along the way, I made my trek to the bathroom (I did have to go by the way and with the “get out bed” half of the argument gloating a little bit) and then flashlight still in hand so as not to lay down on anything furry that may have Jones’d my warm spot the second I got up I made my way back to bed but not before I pointed the flashlight at the Pittsburgh Pirates clock I have hanging above my computer desk.

It said 5:45am (which is actually around 5:32am as that clock is always gaining time almost as if it’s mocking me and trying to age me a little faster).

“5:45 or around 5:32!!?? Son of Bitch!!” I sigh/screamed in my head.

Then I checked my phone to make sure my 7:45am alarm was turned on.

My phone said 4:31am.

“WhooooHooo!!!!” I overjoyed in my head.

Man that was just huge right then and there this morning and Cricket hadn’t Jones’d my spot so I was able to just slide right back into bed without any extra moving of cat machinations and then revel in that extra hour.

Possibly the greatest single hour of time EVER!!

Ok, so this Daylight Saving thing ISN’T complete nonsense.