Twin Vision (song)

A while ago, back in September of 2020, I had this small story of a heist gone awry rattlin’ around my head and I thought, well, how about putting it to tune? Maybe an instrumental from our production site at work. It just had to be something fast, a little manic. So, thus, my first attempt at doing such a thing (I’ve done a few others since) grabbing an instrumental and writing some lyrics to it. I will say, along with some added production elements for the theatre of it, that I thought it came out pretty nice in the telling of the story of the voice (who I will call Stevie – I know I’m so creative and original that way) and his friend Tommy and Stevie’s little brother, Billy.

“We Let Billy Drive The Car”

Well recently, at the same site, in my search for something for a work commercial spot, I came across a bed that caught my ear, a short, bluesy rockin’ thing with a cool hook. Pretty much all just hook but still I liked it and I thought to another new tune and, while I was at it, another tune in the world of Stevie and his pal Tommy, drunk at a bar, with twins.

Some fun and shit that just makes me happy.

I also repurposed an opening from one of my parody tunes going back a ways just because I can and because it makes me laugh.

Twin Vision

Tommy said wanna ask that one to dance

I said good luck but you knows you ain’t a chance

I said I wanna ask that one to dance

Tommy said back off I was first to glance

She’s looking at me, no she’s looking at you

She’s looking at you, no she’s looking at me

Now don’t make this another throwdown  

Fightin’ over girl another go round

Cause I’ve owned you since k-town

Grab another beer and just go sit down

She said they want one of us to dance

Me or you they’ve only half a chance

She said we’re mean but it’s fun so give a glance

Ok your turn let’s put them on their pants

They don’t know it’s me, they don’t know it’s you

They don’t know it’s you, they don’t know it’s me

We really gotta stop playin’ this game

Momma she would be so angry plum ashamed

But this is how she grabbed Pa back in days

And Aunt Millie twin she did the same 

Tommy am I think I might be seein’ two

Tommy said no drunk it ain’ta just you

Are there two one girl at table here

I don’t know man but I ain’t so clear

Just sit down boys let us buy you a beer

For Mom and Aunt Millie and a night be dear

Now how’s about’s by chance would you two like to dance? 

Jesus Tommy, am I drunk or are there two of ‘em?