Good Plants

Not too long ago I asked my Sis if she could recommend a good plant for the apartment as I just wanted a plant(s), something to add a bit more life to this space on top of the already existing feline furry and human here, plus I had had plants before and missed the addition, one in particular who had proven a bit magical quite some time ago.

I had bought and brought home (for a good dollar) the prettiest of Lilies but without doing my due, dude you have the aforementioned feline furry ones, diligence only to discover with a simple click or two. Cats? Lilies? Bad.

So, thus, the call to my Sis who does a furry homestead like me but is also quite the green thumb and knows cat safe plants and she said she could gift me a couple of small fledgling Spider Plants.

Fledgling? I don’t know. New sprouters, new greenies minus some old baseball candy speed stories or dog chews, newly sprung of this earth only to rise to the heavens sun worshipers? Whatever, fledgling worked well enough for me plus they would come with pots and dirt included and were to be, as I said, gifted, less the extra Lily $$’s and along with another gift, a small tall table from a friend at work and I was good to go (Lily did find a home by the way, with my pal/boss, who hadn’t done plants before this but dotes a bit now … I followed his instructions when he was out of town recently and he asked me to check his mail and water Lily, and give her a turn in her window, just right, give her a spritz even, tell her she was a good plant).

Why is any of this a post? I don’t freakin’ know I just know that there’s nothing compelling on TV, I’m sure there is but nothing’s grabbing me, I just wanted to sit and write something, an anything and that earlier tonight as I was saying Hi to my Spiders, Erica and Sid (yes I named them, a real stretch on Arachnid, that was the attempt, probably should have gone with Erica and Ned, but I knew a guy named Ned once and he was a real asshole) I noted that the two of them were doing pretty well after four months or so with a window and water and dirt and some very one sided though spirited conversation.

They reminded me of that one plant, more a small tree, from years ago who proved to be that bit of magical that I mentioned earlier, going from a thin trunk and mere sticks, last legs/sticks in a last ditch pot to growing and blooming and dropping the most beautiful of small blossoms from his branches over two kittens in an early this was the finally found future time I had always dreamed of with a newly wed better half (it wasn’t) asleep in their chairs underneath him (his name was Heckett) after he being stuck with me in a room for too long, on too many days, with my early computer pacings, talkings over REALLY bad poetry so many years ago.

There is something to be said of bad poetry it seems. The plants know. They may sigh, but they know and sometimes even unexpectedly bloom and petal on kittens.

So, a before and now and finding things to write about, anything.

Hey Erica? Sid? Just wrote something about you two ………….. no? Nothing? Not yet?

That’s alright, probably best you hold off on your response, for now at least.