A Grayson Memory

From a Facebook memory that popped up at the end of last week from 5 years ago and Gray sitting on the cable box next to the television and a Christmas commercial.

The post then from Nov 11, 2017 said: “Grayson has his eye on a new Hess truck this Christmas and a slightly more plush butt warmer”

This was from my share of that memory for Gray who passed away suddenly, heartbreakingly in the middle of the night the following summer in our new apartment. He did at least get a chance though to enjoy all the new windows of this place and all the new cat TV they afforded:

Grayson the Mighty from the old spot in Hyde Park.

Miss ya and your crunchy paper forts and grabbing my ankles from underneath with surely, in your large cross eyed noggin, a little Gray giggle, miss ya wrestling around and chasing with Bella on and off counter top and table and couch runnings and jumpings like loud tiny elephants (if elephants jumped on and off counter tops and tables and couches while running and being tiny and loud) for the neighbors bemusement below, miss ya on your little cat tower looking out the porch sliding door from our third floor over your former holdings when you were a scrawny outside stray cat land baron before agreeing to come inside and be my (our) friend, miss ya keeping me warm and you close on my arm on cold nights with sweats and long sleeves when it was just the three of us in the bedroom and our friend space heater for when I couldn’t afford to use the criminally expensive whole apartment’s electric heat. I miss … damn Gray, I just miss ya kid.

(though I didn’t swing for the Hess Truck that Christmas 5 years ago I can’t tell you the joy this crazy cat lady guy got out of you almost immediately putting your new cat bed to use)

2 thoughts on “A Grayson Memory

    1. It certainly is and even tougher with Gray as he was my great save and his passing was so sudden. It took me months and months, April or so to early Oct back then, of feeding him as a feral stray regularly twice a day where he beat the shit out me quite often and caused me to stock up on band aids to eventually get him into the apt and become best friends with Bella and I sleep under the covers on my arm with no band aids required. To only have him around for just a couple of years, and he was only around 4 years old, seemed so unfair. But, he also did get two really great years of love and play and comfort and friendship so …


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