Small Milestones

Been working in the Attic for going on 14 years now, first at Blogspot back in 2009 and my first post there (though there were plenty of thoughts before that of course just without a space – without an Attic) and for the last few years at Word Press. There is nothing better than a place to call home and put a rambled rambling head on “paper” no matter who may or may not stop by and mind their noggins (duck at the top of the stairs by the way … I’m always hitting my head at that last step).

Reached a bit of milestone today (with help from some friends to get me over the top) as I hit 10,000 views.

Now this number is miniscule comparatively speaking in the grandness of the internet, I’m a blink in a one traffic light, one general store, one bar town kinda way, small, but it still hits home and reminds me that there are some eyeballs out there, some earballs for a tune or two, that I can continue to move forward with, with the silly or the profound or thought to be profound, move forward with the dumb or the smart (they jockey back and forth) or even maybe make a point or two on occasion.

And the cool thing about Word Press is that it shows you numbers and the places they come from, Finland, Pakistan, Australia, Sweden, England, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Ireland, my god you’ve gone international, China et al (seems I have at least a few fans there) and that one of them maybe recently did a dive and found this one from last April, a pretty good one I’d like to think.

Of Spring … (and cats and dogs and dead snakes)

Not quite there yet on the Spring thing but it’ll come and it’ll be open window glorious (right Bella? right Cricket?) with some new words surely for my little circle of worldwide friends.

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