Mock It Up (song)

I’ve struck out a couple of times in the last few weeks of trying to build a new musical editorial in the Attic. A couple of song attempts that sounded right sung in my head but in actuality? Not so much.

So a one here then that worked out a bit better.

Oh, and it mocks Jim Jordan, a man worthy of nothing more than a good mock, so there is that.

To Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”

Mock It Up

Jim Jordan feels import

Says this is of utmost

Importance of a sort

He gets to what is his real sport

Saying gov is weapon sent

While he’s Jim sweaty bent

Fig’ring new distractions

Nothing else matters

Mock it up

Even though we don’t need it

Fog it up

Distractions we feel it

Says gov weaponized

But not in the right right light

If you’re gonna weaponize

We want it with a left left prize

So we can order lives

Get “others” all in line

Mock it up

We’ll fake it and sell it

Fluff it up

Distractions fall for it


Jims been a bad girl

Livin’ in his Trumpy world

Does what he can

To make truth go in a whirl

Living Trump bat ass unhinged

This’ll truly make ya cringe

Sycophant I’ll call you sir

Run through border walls I’m yours

Mock it up

We work in post truth now

Muddy up

Jim Congress waste time now

Now in a passion show

Start demanding DA’s show

Papers bout the real blow

To great leader you should know

We’ll keep him above the law

Not right to hold him account

He came to us from down the mount

We’ll make sure law for him don’t count

Mock it up

We work in post truth now

Fog it up

Jim Congress waste time now

Mock it up

There’s only our truth now

Muddy up

Making point to waste time now

Mock it up

We will make up the rules now

Fuck it up

G O P new false truth now

New post truth now

Different set of rules now

New post truth now

Call ourselves Ruth now

Hit homer for Trump now

Clear bases of truth now

Prayer call the lord and how

Charlatans gather up now

Cause god is Trumps cow

Call for pro-tests here and now

Insurrection again now