Hittin’ The Ahhh’s (an Eleanor Rigby take)

Over a year and half ago I started writing new lyrics and singing them out, in my little studio and then editing in my own little world (don’t ask, it involves cats and quiet, and more quiet after that, probably not your thing), Beatles tunes, for some reason these songs and this band the perfect conduit of my frustrations and angers over the state that we’re in, have been in for far too long, parodies of the great pretender who reminds us of everything we would never want to be, well, at least some of us. The others? I’ll leave that up to them … there are some you just can’t help.

I eventually put together an “album’s” worth of them, The Orange Album, while also penning, “singing” some non-Beatles tunes (this one here, a version of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”, is one of my best and most spot on) all in an effort to gain some measure of sanity in these anything but sane times.

Now, I’m no singer. I mean I can hold a tune, know the vocal ups and downs, the right inflections in the right spots but I’m certainly not going to be fronting a band or putting out an actual album any time soon. I do though, find myself enjoying the shit out of making the attempt.

So when a best of friends, Rick Cross, messaged me and another pal some lyrics he had written to “Eleanor Rigby” (I know, the Beatles … whodathunk?), possibly my favorite Beatles tune (internal arguments and fave fab four song fist fights to ensue) and one of the first tunes that I considered parodying I thought, let’s give it another whirl. (I had abandoned the initial thought as I could never hit the “Ahhh’s”)

But now, with the hard part done, the lyrics, courtesy of Rick and his own frustrations and angers mirroring mine, it was just a matter of seeing if I could hit the “Ahhh’s” this time.

I think I might have just nailed ’em.

Cheers Rick,

Well done … the ahhh’s thank you.

Karen’s Been Triggered


Ahhh, look at all the hateful people

Ahhh, look at these ungrateful people


Karen’s been triggered

Pickets outside of a church where a gay wedding’s been

This love is a sin

Waits at her stylist in an angry red face mask that matches her MAGA hat’s tinge

Where to begin?


All the frightened people

Why do they hide their eyes?

All the angry people

While our republic dies


President Donnie

Face slack and ugly and troll-like and ready to sneer

Mindless drones cheer

Look at him preening

Feckless old monster, his mantra is greed, hate and fear

Let’s end his career


All the selfish people

Who teaches them this stuff?

All the stubborn people

How many dead’s enough?


Ahhh, look at all the hateful people

Ahhh, look at these ungrateful people


Karen’s still triggered

Gasping for air on machines in a hospital hall

Why won’t her god call?

President Donnie

Shrugs and ignores digging up 80,000 new graves

It’s money he craves


All the coughing people (Ah, look at all the hateful people)

Was Easter service nice?

All the toxic people (Ah, look at these ungrateful people)

Who’ll make no sacrifice…

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