Prince Arthur’s New (stolen) Throne

(To all my cat friends)

My sister Rebecca and my nephews have cats, 3 of them, like me, and a Razzy Girl and, actually, my brother Nick has a couple as well so we’re just a regular ol’ cat crazy clan (not crazy cat ladies all just yet though). But one of Beck’s gang is a newbie, a kitten, Arthur, and like most kittens he’s funny, fast, a dick, lovable, destructive, a mush, maddening, curious, cocky and a little crazed … I know this because I get the updates with the accompanying pictures.

Anyway, Beck texted me the other day of how, while working from home, she got up from her chair for a mere moment only to have Arthur appear out of nowhere and commandeer it via some sort of cat version of eminent domain. He apparently exhibits, like any cat worth its salt, the instinctual habits of all cats, in this case, grabbing your now warm seat the moment you get up. He probably can also ONLY sit in front of the keyboard or the monitor while you’re trying to work on the PC, or directly in front of your Tab while you’re attempting to watch Netflix, the second you come home he doubtless happily greets you by going to poop, or he can somehow, though tiny that he is relative to his humans, have you sleeping on one sliver of the bed in the morning while he is stretched and gloried out over rest, or he knows the exact moment that you’ve scooped and refreshed the kitty litter to then, like a bottle of fine champagne on a new ship’s bow, christen it.

So, Beck texted me the picture of Arthur in his newly pilfered spot, though how can ya not love such a brazen scoundrel? But the first line of her text “I shuffled my feet and lost my seat” was a nice rhyme I thought, so I filled it out for her, just a fun little ode to her adorable chair thief.

Sir Athur's New Throne

Prince Arthur’s New (stolen) Throne

I shuffled my feet and then gave up my seat

For just a moment I stood as sly fur snatched it good

It’s Prince Arthur by name use or lose be his game

For a comfy found norm where an ass made it warm

So, lose out now you have but great thanks for the grab

It’s been annexed he snores

Go find a new yours

Oh, and … Pthhthppptt!!!

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