Ball & Miss

(Facebook Memories popped up this picture over the weekend of me and The JG, the son of my ex, Maria, from 11 years ago – I’ll give ya credit Facebook, sometimes you hit the mark)

Me n JG buccos Mets

Wow. 11 years ago. This one almost made me cry from the melancholy with its surprise just now. Gots be careful when stuff like this pops up, or at least have a few tissues on hand. A me and the JG and a picture that just speaks Steve in what was a then new Bucco’s cap. Vanity is certainly not my thing, my 18 dollar clippers from Walgreens and what they do now will attest to that, but even I have to say that I look alright in this one. Young almost, even at the 44 that I was then. And JG? The perfect snap of youth and a so fond time remembered. Those eyes. Plus I’m at a ballpark watching my Buccos with a smile in the sun. Can’t get more Steve than that.

Of all the things that have been put aside during this nightmare I miss baseball the most, miss the daily of having my Pirates on my hip, muted on my Tab while I watch whatever distracts on the tube. Miss my fantasy baseball rosters. Now I know I’m one of the lucky ones, I continue to have a gig and the social distancing has kept me good so far, so I will say that, yes, I understand that this is kind of trivial, that there’s way more important shit to concern ourselves with right now, but I can still be allowed this miss for just a moment can’t I? For just a moment?

JJ and I would have already caught our yearly game(s) as my one series with the Mets was scheduled for just this past week. We would have already grilled a few dogs and brauts on his small grill (horseradish mustard and sauerkraut in tow as always) while sitting behind his car in comfy New York Giant lawn chairs (Giants? Hey, I don’t quibble with comfy). I would have already gauged the distance to the porta johns for relieving myself of some of the nice beers that he always brings along, not the cheap crap I’m accustomed to. I would have high fived or fist bumped with at least one other Bucco fan by now.

I know normal isn’t coming around again any time soon, maybe ever, but a boy can dream right?

(This is a bit about baseball and JJ and I’s trips to the park from a few years ago)

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