Facebook 05-07-20:

Well the Justice Dept again moves further and further away from the independent investigative power it is intended to be but instead becomes more entrenched as nothing more than just another tool of Trump enforcing his belief that he has the “absolute right” to control it to, for further instance, protect more loyalists while continuing to investigate enemies. It is also more proof that William “The Low” Barr is nothing more than a shill and a hack, a hired partisan gun and legal bodyguard for shielding Trump from the consequences of his actions, protecting his obvious corruption and assisting in the long term goal of revising history #Autocracy style.

Facebook 05-08-20:

So there was a comment on my last post here (quickly deleted for some reason), the one about the glaring obviousness of the Department of Justice no longer being an independent body, intended to be immune from politicization, but now, instead, just the clear personal law of Donald Trump courtesy of William “The Low” Barr, the fraud who has sold out his entire office and damaged its credibility, almost beyond repair, simply to adhere to Trump’s will and assist in some long sought revisionism. The comment said (I saw it on my phone before it was deleted) that though I was a nice guy I had blinders on and, paraphrasing here, laying the blame for the reason of these blinders at the feet of a dishonest and lying press I think was the gist. Who doesn’t love some good parroting huh?

In this era of the #TrumpDumbDown it doesn’t matter what kind of valid case you may present. If it deviates from the State News narrative it will always end up being fake with the press to blame, not the corrupt con man who has told more lies in three plus years than the entire population of most prisons. But that’s just authoritarianism 101, textbook, not any kind of science, rocket or not.

Now I have nothing against parrots, I’m a fan of fur and feather alike, plus actual parrots come from really picturesque, tropical locales I’m envious of and it’s almost a cool parlor game to show off your bird’s mimicking skills, but I know that there is no talking to some other breeds of parrots from far less enviable places, so it’s best not to bother, well, except to bother for a quick moment as you point out such.

No, we’ll just have to let the almost unprecedented actions of The Low Barr, first in the Stone case and now Flynn, speak for themselves and take with a Gibraltar sized grain of salt the arrogant mocking hubris of an explanation like … (the action was taken to) “restore confidence in the system [and show] there is only one standard of justice.” (only one standard … cough … cough … gasp … sorry … breath … only one standard … give me a sec … choking on my beer)

Apparently William, who seems to be a rather buttoned up serious sort, has the ability on occasion to let his guard down, drink the spiked Kool Aid, throw on an orange lampshade and make a funny all while keeping a straight face (well except for mentioning “winning” with a smirk). Nicely done Sir Low, nicely done.

Hey, credit where it’s due right?

(Great piece from the Atlantic on this by the way … thanks for bringing it to my attention Richard Scroggs)

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