The Debate

So I’m debating.

Dinner tonight, the usual one. Cricket the Blind (and even Mimi the Quirky to a lesser degree while Bella has no interest) sharing it with me … Cricket especially fond of wings. And though she may be blind she has a clock that always knows exactly when whatever I’m cooking is done in the convection oven. She’ll walk her little blind circles in the kitchen with the occasional stop, sit and meowed wail, it’s a thing of hers, but just before that 20 minutes or so cooking time is up she’ll slowly make her zig-zaggy way to the bed where I always eat with the tube. Tonight it was the latest episode of “The Rookie” with Nathan Fillion, love that guy and season two is so good, and much improved over season one.

The debate though? It’s this. Is this adorable, my dinner company, as my beloved Shoes used to be as well or is it surely just another crazy single cat dude warning sign? Hmmmm. Interesting.

Hold on, Cricket’s picking up the conversation we started just before dinner … Oops, well that might have just sealed the debate.

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