Ya know my mother has always said “Stephen, you can hold your breath ’til you’re blue … don’t touch that … Bloody Hell … are you sure she’s a real redhead? What, you haven’t checked yet? … I’ll brain ya … I know she broke your heart but I want my couch back … If only your father could see … It only hurts when you what? … if you’re going to be a pathetically single cat dude (she doesn’t say dude though it would probably sound pretty cool with her English accent) and disappoint me with a lack of extra grandkids at least make sure those cats of yours have a little bit of personality.”

Gotcha covered there Ma.

Thanks for the mug Pesky.

Meow Meow motherfuckers - BellaMeow Meow motherfuckers - MimiMeow Meow motherfuckers - Cricket