An Open Letter To Mother Nature: A Request

Ok, Mother Nature, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll be more diligent with my recycling than I already am, I won’t litter and make anyone cry in 70’s commercials, I will conserve as best I can, I will stop urinating in the neighbor’s flower garden ruining their Daylilies, I will use and tout eco-friendly products whenever possible (as long as there are no religious concerns/objections, because there always are, with everything and anything, hell, I’m sure someone is feeling persecuted in their beliefs right now just by the mere availability of the Right to Shower Joy Shampoo Bar in honeysuckle ($7.99 at Amazon)

“Freakin’ heathen preverts aints gots no shame Bev! … Bev? … Bev?!”

“What Hank?! Give me a few minutes will ya!! … actually a little longer … I’m in the shower!”

And I will even unmute my TV from my usual stream commercial break mute for ads for electric or hybrid cars.

You in turn just give me more weather like this in the evening that makes for such beautiful pictures when I get home, maybe just a scootch warmer if you could though, just a few degrees, nothing drastic, and then let it stay for a bit huh?

Ok, well, you just let me know Momma N, I’ll keep checking open windows and in the meantime I’ll start on my end of the bargain.

Probably best that I do anyway, I heard the neighbors just installed cameras.

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