Danger Ron (Mighty Mouse DeSantis Theme Song)

Been working on another DeSantis letter (Dear Great Leader wannabe) after a couple of others, “Woke Hopes” and “The DeSantis He Can”, including almost all the lyrics for a rewrite of Michael Jackson’s “PYT”, or in my rewrite’s case “CRT” and other 3 initial combos and a look into the GOP’s now constant boogeyman that they get so wrong (not surprisingly as they are a GOP that trust the likes of a Nikki and a Margie Q to lament the unamerican nature of truthful history or falsely claim its being taught in places that it ain’t – truth? Pshawww) but boogeymen and the dog whistles that come with them don’t have to be right they just have to be ON the right and stoke white folk.


Ha, gotcha!!

But the only instrumental version of “PYT” that I can find is a minute and half longer than the actual tune so that would be a bit more song figgerin’ plus there’s also a me trying to sing an MJ tune. I think I could swing it, minus the dancing of course (I’m old and terribly out of shape, could never choreograph such a thing, would probably pull a hammy or something and could also never dress as well as that – man those shoes and those jackets MJ) but …

… was wearing my Mighty Mouse T-shirt a couple of days ago and the thought occurred …

So a cartoon theme song then to a Mighty Mouse and a Danger Ron.

Danger Ron (Mighty Mouse DeSantis Theme Song)

Mr Crow he never hangs around

When he hears this frightnin’ sound

“Here I come to save white day”

That means that Danger Ron is on the way

Yes, when histry’s taught not solely white     

Danger Ron will pick a fight

Say no classroom legit’macy

Of lessers having part of history

It’s a clear and present danger

To the ex-ceptional

Rewrite he will instead to fit right’s call

(right’s call, truth’s fall, white’s tall, patriots)

Free thought’s only his to decide

To all others he will deride

Thoughts of inclusivity

Danger Ron’ll even ban diversity


He just flies in now to save us all

From real truth that can’t stand tall

Against Danger Ron’s fascist tries

He’ll sure cut the lessers down to size

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