Autocratic Dreamin’ (song)

It’s that time of year now here where the weather report gives you advisories of the heat but you know that 90 today is not really a 90 as leaves have already started to fall and colors make change. The heat won’t bother today. You turn a fan up a notch without really needing to, just a last grasp, and pass it often for old man pee breaks noting the velvet of a fan’s air and you work things, at 4 in the morning, and listen and tweak incessantly your latest thing, headphones down so as not to bother anyone other than the anyone’s in your head.

I ran this one by my Mikey Six this weekend before posting it here now, Cindy, for one, giving it an “oooohh” and Rick for two an “I love it!” which meant I was on the right track. My English cousin, Liz, as I added her to the six today, a seven now, even remarked “Brilliant” but with an English accent.

Shit, you could tell me to fuck off and die but with an English accent?

And then you get angry, at 4 in the morning as seasons change, not at the changing for the most part but you just get angry.

So my latest anger sung to the Mamas and the Poppas “California Dreamin'”

Autocratic Dreamin’

Democracy’s in straits (Democracy’s in straits)

Getting dire by the day (dire by the day)

New Reich says it’s ok (practically they say)

To let it fade away (let it fade away)

Embracing a big lie’s how (embracing a big lie)

Help usher in a new way (usher in a new way)

Autocratic dreamin’ (autocratic dreamin’)

On such a darkened day

They stepped off of the ledge

All willing still offer pledge

Into abyss of endless lies (and lustful power cries)

They almost seem to pray (almost seem to pray)

To a god of broken things now (god of broken things now)

Broken with real bad intent (and where violence sings)

Autocratic dreamin’ (autocratic dreamin’)

On such a darkened day

… break

All the truth is down (all the truth is down)

To be changed by the day (change it by the day)

Even history (even history)

Won’t stand in the way (won’t stand in the way)

Rewrite it backwards forwards (rewrite it forwards backwards)

To fit just what he might say (fit just what he might say)

Autocratic dreamin’ (autocratic dreamin’)

On such a darkened day (autocratic dreamin’)

On such a fascist day (autocratic dreamin’)

On such a darkened day 

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