Mikey Six

Mikey Six. My sanity, Mikey being the kid who actually liked it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….. c’mon Memes, really? You’re usually more profound at your cat scribble steps across a left hip search keyboard – that was a little pedestrian don’tcha think, proving yourself aged at the remembering of old commercials of a kid trying a new cereal, and I know cereals. But Mikey liked it with a milk filled spoon and a smile. “Mikey likes it!”

That’s my only ask with my Mikey Six, will Mikey like it? Will you, my Mikey’s, Mikey or not Mikey?

Rick with his frustrations of a frustrating job not giving him his due but with new concerns now that trump any job requirements as family is and always will be the only.

Cindy with a new confident toes up in some Hawaii sand while seeing and watching over her littles as time grows long and tall … or short, depending on how you look.

Lori with a new found that gives her greatest of things, just the simple escape effort of reading a book, a purpose, a new blog’s purpose.

Tom with poring over and commenting through streams, and movie theaters and memory and his video library, even hitting thrift shops on Thursdays to add for the possible greatest of video finds and joys, sometimes for just 6 bucks, to then write a few horrific words about such but only in the best horror as topic kind of way.

Mark to make sure that we’re not sitting on our hands on the news however much we may wish we could just hand sit and ignore the attempt from the darkside asking us to succumb quietly to a dumb and just defer.

And Jeremiah being a guy named Jeremiah who has found a way to live through all this shit with a fun aplomb though aware check replete with cats and a dog and ball games and trips away and bar stops and food shots and tall goldish pints and pictures of all of that to remind us that we’re not dead yet.  

I word stuff by these guys/gals to make sure that I am also not dead yet. Words thrown at a wall, new words to a tune or just straight up small story words of stuff that I feel compelled to get out there if for no other reason than to do just that. To get them out there before I overload, to get them out there before they build to break.

I ask of opinion of the Six even if those opinions are not always as honest as they could be, placating an old man to make him feel better about his attempts at these words, attempts to say something,

I’m lucky to have a Mikey Six, so lucky, lucky to have those that actually pay attention and even listen while also being a guy who is perfectly happy to a solitary, with only cats for muses, but who still needs a Mikey to grab a spoon with an unexpected smile, my Mikey’s.

Rick? You have one gig now, with that unthankful one only needed for a roof. Keep better a son who is more than he knows.

Cindy? Keep those toes up and keep the gang together. You are that. You are Mom, the power of Mom, when dad’s a loss.

Lori? With a Zooming cat in your hair, just read. Just read.

Tom? Crunchy Frogs? Your other spot? You are definitely Crunchy Frogs as well.

Mark? You make sure to keep me on page of this fucked up world’s book before I know I need the page reminder. I always check and follow at your insistence as you’re always one step ahead.

Jeremiah a guy named Jeremiah? Keep keeping me young my friend. Something about vicariously.

I put stuff out there, things for my Mikey’s, anyone else just gravy.

88888888888888888888555555888888888888888877777777888888888888888998888888 Aaaaaahhhh Mimi, silly cat., as you almost cat scribble cat step step back out across my keyboard, wavering, from your left hip lap or to your PC desk bar towel.

Don’t know what the 8’s mean Memes, but as long as they’re not “ates” for eyeballs when I’m dead then I’m good.

15t`545432231“` Hey, what are you dancing now? Pick a spot girlfriend.

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