Woke Hopes (little dictator song)

Ok, so, a production Friday, a freakin’ bear of a production Friday this one, shit just didn’t want to end, with numerous sprinkled “motherfuckers” for therapy and a headache all the way through it as my “close” PC work glasses and phone glasses are worrying me a little now as they have rather quickly become not so glasses effective and I’m having to stretch and squint. My upcoming yearly appointment with the eye doc can’t come quickly enough in a couple of weeks. But until then I worked beyond squinting headaches and took in my escape from the end of the workday, workweek to just sit imagining I have points to make.

Finished some lyrics during the week and with some revisions along the way while I was workin’ it I came up with something.

I’ve used this tune before, a couple of years ago, Frank Sinatra’s “High Hopes”, but thought a revisit.

“Woke Hopes (little dictator song)”.

Woke Hopes (little dictator song)

Next time you’re told

To be woke isn’t bold

By a Ronnie who scolds

Know he just trolls  

Just what makes little dictator rant

About some things that he says ya just can’t

Eyes open to inclusion now

A weakness you can’t allow

But we’ve got woke hopes

We’ve got woke hopes

Hopes not turning blind eye to the “other” folks

But when you need a bigot’s screed

To tell you what truth’s to heed

Just remember his rant

Ohhhhh …

Ooops, there goes another Ronnie slam

How being hu-man is just another scam

Ooops, there goes the truth a now also ran

Ronnie now calls

To his herd of mind smalls

That they must all stand tall  

Or think to brawls

Now Ronnie says CRT is just crap

Doesn’t fit his supremacist rap

His white kin they were ex-cep-tional

Racism don’t even track

Cause he’s denier of truth

With slaves country didn’t build roof

And if you say otherwise

Laws he’ll pass making rights go poof  

So anytime you hear Ron speak

Know his white’s been tweaked

And he just won’t couch for that

Ohhhhh …

Ooops, there goes some more to demonize

Inclusive compassion that’s a bunch a lies

Ooops, here goes some hate to try on for size    


Ron threatens anyone who don’t agree

With his hist’ry tree

Don’t be of them and not we

Ohhhhh …

Ooops. there goes another truth to turn

Ooops, there goes another book to burn  

Ooops, there goes democracy to be spurned

Mm Mm

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