Another Friday In Season

(Facebook post on Friday)

So another Friday night and some more High School Football with Spectrum Sports.

I’m near Albany at Watervliet tonight on a perfectly crisp Fall Football evening (though I’ll probably be cursing wishing this “perfectly crisp” when it becomes “downright f’ing cold” later in the 2nd half … I’m old, this stuff gets felt these days ya know).

I’ve said this before but now that I’m here and a half hour from game time the world can piss off for a little football while.

(Some pics … from a stop at the end of the Taconic State Parkway to ask my google lady for directions the rest of the way … so Fall pretty …

… a ghoulie who could use a sandwich …

… refs preparing to do ref stuff and piss people off …

… the Devil keeping his hand and eye in/on things and doin’ a little camera freelancin’ …

… a shadow that knows, especially this Halloween weekend …

… and a mask I’m sure they’re gonna want me to wear for a broadcast Halloweeny “Frankencam” type shot … but it don’t look all that Halloweeny to me … it may intend gas mask, but it looks more like it comes with a ball and shame …

… and others


Note: end of game addendum

Biggest blowout I’ve witnessed in my ten plus years of being part of crewing these broadcasts …

Fonda-Fultonville – 68

Watervliet – 8

… with Fonda scoring 40 in the 2nd quarter alone.

I almost felt compelled to look away for just the simple football fan humanity of the gesture.

Mom: (turning to me from the front seat) “Don’t look Stephen” as we pass the scene of a horrible accident.

I did think of a curious thing though at one point during the game, maybe just my brain needing to wander from what it was I was watching …

… Fonda’s team name is the Braves. Jane Fonda was once married to Ted Turner. Ted Turner once owned the Braves.

Yeah, I know. Never give me time to think curious things. 🙂

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