Crumbs For Crows (a poem)

I haven’t written a poem in quite some time, years actually, so this will surely be read as a poor attempt. Don’t be too harsh in your opinions, honest but not too harsh. I’m fragile yah know. 🙂

Crumbs For Crows

Thoughts dropped


The wipe of a mouth


Damned falling bits of things

A crow’s right

We sit on lightposts





Hover busy highway or

Lonely humble back otherway

Sometimes with a God’s wink snark as you pass underneath


Or around the long way

With a caww’s call

To friends

In just not enough light

We sit on lawns, flitting away’s easy flight of raised hand only to return

Sifting through around mad divide, anger a thing these days

We sit on sideways with defiance to remind

We even cousin famous sit in old haunting odes, though this isn’t one of them

We sit waiting ask just what is your crumb’s point

Get it right and we won’t pick you clean

… bones

No muddle middles

Just get it right

… bones

Pick you clean

We sit and figure how to use small stones to build things

Beyond you

We are here there to best you

We’re still

Were still

Are still

Will still

Knock knock


While we wait … always waiting …

We got those leavings,

Those thoughts




Picking, pecking

And we dance

Over them

In sideslide Crow clack steps

A So Then Sunday Continues (song – The Jonna Show Theme)

If you visit here (and for some reason come back, god bless ya) you may have noticed that the last couple of Sundays I’ve re-posted a couple of my parody tunes as a kinda Throwback Thursday thing just, well, on a Sunday, a So Then Sunday.

I’ve been doing this because, while I work Friday Night Lights High School football games up the Albany way for the season, I haven’t had opportunity to grab my little studio at work on said Friday nights to have my parody fun.

Now usually my parody tunes are political, my sort of musical opinion pieces if you will, but I’ve kept these “So Then Sundays” so far to the few songs that aren’t that. Things that are just a bit of fun.

So here is another and the post I wrote for it back in September of last year …

(PS … the scream in the song is an actual Jonna scream by the way)


I record a show with two friends, have now going on, I don’t know, close to 10 years I think, minus a couple when I was let go at one group of radio stations and then picked up at another, “Happy Hour”. It’s Jonna Spilbor, you may know her, a regular contributor on Fox News and other shows as a legal expert and Keryl Pesce an author of two self empowerment books and the boss lady of a small publisher, The Little Pink Press, that helps others get their thoughts out there. A thank you for them. They are two of the most wonderful and whip smart women I have ever known. Ahhh, if only to live up to that wit and humor, something, I’m afraid, I often can’t keep up with on the show, but

Jonna, whose stories of mishaps and annoyances are a regular part of the fun, is having her house renovated. So we thought it would be funny for me to come up with a little intro/sting jingle type thing to lead into whatever her latest story of misadventure might be, a something I can do. This renovation has had her move back in with her Mom and Dad for the moment. Sounds almost like being kid again right, just out of college? Except none of us are kids so this situation is ripe with possible comedy and I don’t think she can get back on her parent’s insurance now.

Well, the little intro/sting thing wasn’t enough for me. If I can’t keep up in the show I do have other things I can do, so I searched out “sitcom” this past Friday afternoon at our production music site, a wealth of good choices, but found the best of these sitcomy beds for just what was in my head. A few words later that afternoon, some ‘singing’ in my little studio after everyone had thankfully left for the weekend (other than time spent at the house with my furry girls it’s my favorite of times) and then back home to build. I came up with this.

The theme song for the Jonna Show.

Jonna’s back home after years on her own

Nance & John happy after their bird had flown

Back in her old room

Posters still up

Of boys that were a cause to just swoon

Cassidy brothers, David and Shawn, Travolta and even Scott Baio too

Jonna’s back home her own house is a mess

Remodeling disarray causing much stress

She thought then move back with the rents

Temporary sure but with Momma food scents

She’ll just need remember live when in Rome

But what could go wrong with moving back home?

They’d of course get along

Her single habits they wouldn’t grow long

No Jonna wardrobe mishaps would occur

Her raccoons though they will miss her

Nance won’t ask of margarita again

Or glasses of wine where she never says when

Or helping with the garbage

But in outfits to send

Young boys round the bend  

Jonna’s back home after years on her own

Nance & John happy after their bird had flown

Jonna’s thankful to avoid all the stress

Of that house of hers being a mess

And timelines that will most surely get stretched

Nance & John won’t now be alone

Cause their Jonna, she’s back home!