Trump Star – Lapdog (song)

I know that hoping after losing the election that there might finally be a lack of Trump material was a fool’s thought.


All Star – Lapdog  

Somebody once told me a stupid could get lonely

Allow an autocrat to pla-ay

In a nation of ideals this stupid gets the feels

A lun-acy embraced instead as a new spiel  


Well, four years got them running to the altar of the dumbing

Elevating them with welcome adoration  

Ignorance proved be an asset for drumming

A bold new stand with a white raised gun


They don’t want see, how they were used  

Blinded tools conned as nothing but fools

Allowing lies as a nor-mal

Dismissing truth for a new show


Hey now, you’re a Trump star

Get your ig-nor-ance on

Hey now you’re a trump star

Raise your white now, new Czar


And all Trump glitters fools go-old

Shiny old lie normals, you’re still in the fo-old


It’s a lost race but a loss that gets bolder

With every new challenge the truth it goes further

Claiming fraud but proof not forthcomin’

Claims shot down as the hits keep comin’


The lies they state, state by state

The Jenna’s & the Giuliani’s try to rate

Loyalist’s hoping to rise above fray

To prove they’re the best at holding down a Trump day


Hey now you’re a lapdog

Won’t you pet me they pray

Hey now you’re a lapdog

Crazy barks try hold sway   


Trump throws balls out for play

They take those balls

And jump as high as Trump will say-ay




Hey now you’re a Trump star

Spittin’ maskless you gloat

Hey now you’re a lapdog

Desperation by rote


And all your subjects do do-ote

Hoping burn it down   


You rail loud ignore tasks that you pledged with right hand asks

To try protect us from a world gone astray

But that stray, is yours alone

Self interest was always the norm

As it’s always been since day one

Nothing’s changed there’s only you number one


Well conman’s still connin’, coffers still fillin’

Taking cultist’s money claiming fraud’s his cunning

He claims each fight is his necessary right

To prove he won being cheated a blight

While fights are lost he blusters more

And just fills pockets while out the back door  


He’ll keep himself in the Trump glow

Someone else’s buck that is the Trump show


Hey now you’re a Trump star

Spittin’ maskless you gloat

Hey now you’re a lapdog

Desperation by rote


And all Trump litters fools go-old


No matter truth they’re stayin’ in the cu-ult  


And all Trump litters fools go-old


A coin tooth check confirms what we were so-old

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