Dashed Hopes

3rd day of re-posts of my parody tunes, one a day until the election. A recent one and a bit of Sinatra. 

(originally posted on August 1, 2020)



Dashed Hopes

Next time you’re downed

With your neck on the ground

Under Trump secret hounds

Hope you’ll be found


Just what makes that orange old rat

Think he controls like with a mob bat

Pretending to be a strong man

Like his tyrannical pals


Yes, we’ve got dashed hopes

We’ve got dashed hopes

We’ve got Trump in the ear wishin’ we’re deaf hopes


But any time you cannot breathe

When your eyes they bleed

Just remember that rat


Ohhhhh …

Ooops there goes another tear gas ball

Ooops there goes another pro-jec-tile

Ooops there goes another despotic rant


When trouble calls

And self interest rules all

Re-election a must

Make show of balls


Now there is a William Low Barr

His lies to the public taken so far

Now he just has to double down

To protect his said rat


Cause he’s a dasher of law

He’s a masher of truth

He’s a disingenuine hack a liar’s real Babe Ruth


So anytime you hear Barr speak

Know the truth’s been tweaked

It actually just don’t exist


Ohhhhh …

Ooops there goes another Low Barr lie

Ooops there goes another Low Barr try

Anoint Trump King and see democracy die




Big problems don’t seem to be enough

To try and make death stop

When power’s priority’s top


Ohhhhh …

Ooops there goes another blame to throw

Ooops there goes more ignorance in the flow

Ooops there goes some even more childish woe


Ya think?

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