D.I.Y. Time Suspend With Friends

Just got off another Zoom call with some of my dearest of friends from my Waynesburg College days, friends who I consider lifelong, even though they aren’t technically “life long”, as I have a few others from years before them when High Schooling, wanting to hold hands with the right girl but being embarrassed at such, playing baseball and then stickball when those baseball dreams became just dreams, Monty Pythoning or D & D’ing in a nice finished basement room. Thank you Mrs Carlin.

But these three hit at my core, Lori the smart and pretty, Tom the stoic, Mark the informed though not that any of these qualities are exclusive by the way, they share them all, other than Tom and Mark being pretty of course. Sorry guys. Something about lipstick and pigs.
We talked.

And talked … and talked some more for almost 3 hours and not of old school remembrances, stories rehashed too many times though those have their moments.

No, we talked current as that is all there is. Our fears of the direction things are heading. Remembering is nice but that just throws you back to a time you can’t return to, however much you may wish you could. It’s a melancholy I just don’t need.

No, you have to be current and aware.

Now there aren’t any positives to be taken from a Pandemic obviously, no matter how much we try. Maybe some folks have found a way to be more human, to help out, to give the other guy a hand but it shouldn’t take a pandemic to do that. If that’s not in your nature to do so, well, I can’t help ya. Maybe a pandemic woke you up and if that’s the case good for you. I’m all for trying to find silver linings but we still live in fear.

Lori has issues of concern and I have some as well. There’s no cavalier here, no nonchalance. We wear masks and we muddle.

But 3 hours with old friends can suspend time.

One silver lining? We never would have considered this if not.

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