Though it won’t, sadly not in my lifetime, come to pass space exploration just got a bit larger. A friend of mine reminded me of this earlier, and an actual friend by the way, one I can confirm, he even has a name, Rich, noted how he remembered, seared into his memory the moon launch back in ’69. Me? I don’t but I’ve done my best over the years to catch up to the hope and to the dreams. Of all we’ve had to endure in the last five months or so, of all the death, of all the negligence, all the nonchalance, all of the hoping things would just go away, of all the self interest that is always at the top of priorities it seems there actually was a splashdown. A freakin’ splashdown! Man how primitive will that sound to a future exploring this past? But a successful splashdown return. The first time in 45 years. An almost me of years. Moving forward? A yay us. Just wish I could be there for the next steps.


Because just nonsense

An ode to a Pillow


Ya know it sounds kinda silly but I could no longer dilly as I had to toss my old

pillow today no more dally. Reluctance sure, so many dreams born but surely a bore to

those who wouldn’t know, and even some quite naughty. Colors that didn’t exist before

my head’s stead on your comfy bed but you looked quite underpass spotty. I apologize,

but I have found another (s), though quickly claimed by cats needing to appear tamed

as that is part of their game at pillow, amongst other things, dominance.