My New Girlfriend … Heating Pad

Heating pad - Walgreens 2

So, after too many years I’m finally in a relationship again. Her name is Heating Pad, Heating Pad for short.

She’s very nice.

I met her at Walgreens last week after popping my back but good this past Tuesday.

Affectionately known as Heating Pad (nicknames are cute in the early stages huh?) she and I have been getting along quite famously. Though she’s not much for conversation I can tell she cares. We were introduced by a new acquaintance of mine with a Walgreens name tag who slyly pointed her out with a wink and a nod just past the aspirin.

My little Bella and Mimi the Quirky know a friend of hers, Space Heater, so the introductions here at the apartment have been pretty seamless.

Mimi-Bella space heater

Everyone gets along. Mimi the Quirky and she even “talk” on occasion when I’m not in the room, though I fear Mimi may be taking advantage of her affections while I’m away. It’s too easy a lay I fear.

Mimi Heating Pad #1

Anyway, as Heating Pad and my relationship “heats” up if you will, along with a fling with Ibuprofen (I’m a bit of a floozy I’m afraid) I have scheduled another appointment with a doctor of the chiropractic arts for tomorrow after yesterday’s visit went spectacularly unwell.

Here’s to hoping. This shit hurts.

“What’s that? Yes, you can call me Pokey. What? Hey, Ibuprofen is just temporary, a fling, you’re my real girl. Muscle relaxant? She’s not even in the picture, doesn’t complete me like you. Can I still call you Heating Pad? … Darling? … I know … we’re WAY too cute”

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