A Nonexistent Trickle And Snake Oil For Sale In Aisle 6

snake oil

(Linked in a Robert Reich Facebook post – a column from the USA Today)

Record debt and inequality gap? It’s almost like 40 years of Republican tax cuts failed.



And a shout to the majority of Americans who have never benefited from the trickle and to the minority who still vote for those who claim it will somehow still, while they laugh at you behind your back, or in some cases, right in front of your face. They call it TRICKLE DOWN for fuck’s sake! They’re telling you straight up that it’s the scraps, the leavings, the crumbs of what is left from their really lavish tax-cut meal (then they’ll try and steal your Medicaid & Medicare to help pay for dinner). Just the fact that they’ve been able to foist this dismissive, arrogant, condescending premise on us and pass it off as a genuine economic platform for all these years while the gap widens, and not in our favor, should tell you all you need to know about how much they care for you and also about how truly blind and gullible you really are. #tricklethis

It’s just another of the many varieties of “tonic” available to us in the snake oil aisle that too many willingly purchase believing labels like “Projection Potion”: will allow you to believe that it is others that are guilty of the accusations, not the accuser who is actually guilty of them in spades.

Or “Conspiracy Colonic”: a deep cleansing of rational thought that makes room for belief in debunked and ludicrous, sometimes just plain invented, ego protecting conspiracy theories.

There’s the “Fascism Cordial”: allows you to relax, almost a bit drunkenly, while obvious fascist overtures take place in plain sight.

Then it’s the “Backroom Bracer”: wakes you up from the Fascism Cordial but only after the backroom deals that were being made in your stupor are done so, when you wake, things are what they are and you’re none the wiser as to how they came to be.

A very popular choice these days is “Emoluments Extract”: take in a gaudy gold plated cup of tea and suddenly find no issue with a President profiting from the office, you may even find yourself assisting this profit and feeling quite trendy.

And of course there is the biggest seller in the Snake Oil aisle, the gold standard of all the panacea’s available to you from the Orange Chemist, “Elixir of Lie”: allows you to absorb the myriad lies bombarding you on a daily basis without necessarily feeling the toxic effect they have on you and Democracy. Truly the only “must have” in the aisle.

Happy shopping.

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