Sentimental Cats

How do I know that cats are privy to the thoughts of humans and maybe even have a feel for the sentimental?

Earlier today, as I finally broke out the vacuum to clean a bit, I thought about taking this sideways box, with its old Steve t-shirt bed, out. Be done with it I said. It’s been sitting on this rug in front of my TV for months, empty.

It was a spot my dearly missed Blink, in her too short a time, would sleep in or use to torment old girl Mimi from atop boxtop when Mimi would claim it, Blink The Kit just happily cat slappin’ away while Mimi growled her old lady annoyance. But I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it, to get rid of it, surely because of just that.

Today though, while I cleaned, and with firm resolve, was the day I thought, today it would go. Done. Gone. One less thing and pained memory to step around.

Bella has never layed in it. Ever.

And so it stays.

Ohhh, for sentimental cats.


Bella in a Blink Box

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