Mid-Weekend Notes From A Celie Manor Of Fur And Feather On A Hill

(From September 1, 2019)

Yeh, I know, what’s with this guy and the notes?

1. One of Celie’s bras tried to kill me. I will often drop my laundry on top of a few things of hers or her son Matt’s already in the washer, just waiting, and then eventually fold ’em, clean and dried, but the damn thing broke away from its paired bosomyness and tried to shank me. I don’t know how you ladies deal with the wires but I get the message. Girl power. Point.

2. Got up to feed the gang earlier, WAAAAAY too earlier, and saw Sweets at her usual spot, underneath that little pine tree in the back yard. Nothing makes me happier than to see that long, fat tailed, bouncy, pretty little Fox waiting for her friends, puppies Lewie & Georgia, to come out and play.

3. The play. I watched for a while.

4. Lost my freakin’ glasses somewhere between that “got up to feed the gang earlier” and “watched for a while”. An age thing maybe (yes, I checked my head and my other hand before you ask thank you) but after I grabbed my backup pair from the car, the one with the scratch just over my left eye that makes me look I have a twitch, I write.

5. Texted back and forth with a good friend of mine last night. It started with just me recommending a new show on Netflix, “Better Than Us”, a really well done futuristic, though well grounded and with a lot of layers Sci-Fi thing (warning: it has subtitles) but then it morphed into a conversation of the gang here at the house and the happpy chaos that it can be. I noted to her (and more with the notes, again, what is it with this guy and the notes?) that there is a comfort in the madness. A comfort that doesn’t know the actual madness that we live in right now, it is just theirs, small but big in it’s own way. She said that that might be good title for a book. “A Comfort In The Madness”. That, though, can be a bit far reaching as there is just so much madness going around these days. Maybe a good subtitle would help reel it in a little. “A Comfort In The Madness: Trying To Find It In Difficult Times?”, “A Comfort In The Madness: Simple Tales Of Fur” or “A Comfort In The Madness: Where The Fuck Are My Glasses?”

6. Still searching for them by the way. That left eye twitch is starting to make me feel lopsided. Lewie probably half ate and then buried them.

7. A good day. For all the difficult ones, and there are many, as I’m sure you all have your own and would agree, there are those that give you a bit of pleasent pause. Cherish them. In my case? Cats now and dogs and even birds are fed and watered and there is time, with my Bella and the Unintentionals, to find a comfort in the madness.

Cheers all,

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