Checking In On A Bird Or Two Twice

One: Because I said there would be more from these two and, no, before you ask, I don’t know their names or gender (UPDATE: Found out – a gal and a guy – meet Rico (yellow top) and Birdy Ray (orange top)). They’re just two beautiful, godly colorful, noisy-ass birds with a good spot in the sunroom … and they seem to like me. I’m good with that.

Two: Pretense for reminding myself and then pointing out to you all one of my all-time favorite of movies, “Birdy”. A 1984 Alan Parker film (oh, where have you gone old friend) with Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage and a soundtrack from Peter Gabriel. Win, Win, Win. I think I may have even gained a glimpe into where Matthew Modine’s character could have been coming from.

And shit, since I have the DVD, I guess I just planned my Saturday night huh?

The movie also has one of the greatest one word scenes ever (the ending), but no real spoiler here.

Though I’m looking a little tired here and, dare I say, old, this is exactly the reason that I look forward to coming home from long days. Thank you for that Momma D.

Cats and dogs and … birds … oh my!

Cheers alI

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