The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny: “Being For The Benefit Of All That’s White (And A Moscow Mitch)” – Song

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 08-03-19)

Being For The Benefit Of All That’s White (And A Moscow Mitch) 

For the benefit of all that’s white

We’ll re-visit Nur-emberg tonight

So gather round

Fox pundits they will gladly share

Masking bias they no long-ger care

Cage the brown

And four congresswomen we’ll chant send back

Accusing them of being on attack

In this way Trumpy D he poisons the well


The ignorance of this Trump D

Rallies at a furious speed to gather base

The Tucker’s Hann-itys are there

Fox and Friends as well don’t care, lets bring the hate

His lapdogs blindly follow suit

Justi-fy his words or just hit mute

And of course Mitch’s ele-phant dances the worst


The white takes hold at half past black

Un-American the tried true tack

Let’s send them back

He’ll propagate a fantasy, new histry’s order

On favorite stage, he’s got a knack

It’s 2 plus years of prep-a-ration

To induce separation of this Klan

And tonight Trumpy D he’ll go for the kill


(For the benefit of all that’s white

Mitch blocked a bill to try and right

Our voting plight

The Russians he invites back in

Others please come join the din

Truth take flight

A complicit GOP it plans to benefit

Renewed elector’l hack

Free-dom suffers elephant’s wrath

A planned whackety whackety whackety whackety whaaack

Their treason’s always on the attack)

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