Buccos/Mets Weekend #4: Notes From The Ballpark And A Down But Not Yet Out Pirates Fan

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 07-28-19)

(refer to pictures for some of these notes) 

* Title tells you how we did, though not without a valiant 4 run 9th to come up 1 short today while finishing being on the wrong end of a 3 game sweep. Sigh. 

* Our seats were a little closer to earth this time around, as opposed to Saturday night’s one step from heaven, where the air wasn’t as thin and our noses didn’t bleed and Jeremiah Johnsen , who knows his way around Citifield, made sure these seats were under an upperdeck’s overhang out of the sun. Smart dude. 

* A guy asked his girl to marry him on the scoreboard’s kiss cam today, down on a knee with the ring and everything. As basebally romantic as you’re gonna get and his knee didn’t even stick to the stadium floor when he stood back up. Kismet. Thankfully she said yes saving all 25+ thousand in attendance the need to look away and make awkward small talk with whoever was closest if she hadn’t. 

* We parked under the highway across from Mr Jung and his Auto Shop sign as we often do to save 25 bucks with just a few extra steps. You can tell from the sign that if you’re having car issues Mr Jung is your guy by the way. I mean he’s giving a smiling thumbs up and holding a wrench. How could he NOT be your guy? Obviously he’s very trustworthy AND professional. Did I mention he’s holding a wrench? 

* Went to use the men’s room only to come back to find a new guy in the seat next to mine who was so drunk his head seemed made of concrete the way it lolled heavilly back and forth and up and down, impossible for him to hold upright. No idea where he came from but thankfully someone came by to round him up before he just fell into my lap like a cinder block. 

* Got a couple of nice shots of my boys at bat near the end of the game reminding me of excitedly taking the same pictures at Shea Stadium so many years ago with my Dad but with the then impatient anticipation of having to wait for those pictures to come in the mail. They were always just a little bit disappointing, my boys so much smaller than they eye, but still proud proof I was there. 

* Yes. I took my ballglove and no, I’m NOT too old to do so and anyone who feels the need to chime in as some sort of arbiter as to the appropriate age to or not to take a glove with you? Screw you. It’s not my fault your dreams died and you got cynical. 

* Thank you random NYC Police officer who was kind enough to take our picture. Much appreciated. 

* Jeremiah’s left ear. 

* The picture that JJ took with my phone of he and Melissa Anne when I left it with him to go and replace the 13 dollar and 50 cent beer in a “collector’s” souvenir cup that I had just spilled down the outside of Citifield. 

* A few shots of the scoreboard, Coca Cola sign and even, for some reason, Jung Ho Kang big screened. Maybe I was forgetting his three easy strikeouts and .170 batting avg and imagining, instead, him giving a smiling thumbs up while holding a wrench. He and our car guy do share a “Jung”. 

* Statue in a back alley we took through the car shop and automobile hell/graveyard next to the stadium. No, I don’t know either. I just hope that I’m not cursed now for having taken this totem’s soul with my picture.

* A weekend to put shit away, shelve it for just a moment and have that hot dog and that funny named beer in the parking lot or that too expensive one in the stadium, wear my shorts twice after they passed the butt sniff test and just take in some baseball, win or lose, on a perfect summer night and then a perfect summer day. A weekend to remind myself of the power and strength of friendship…and all with the comfort of knowing that if the car broke down Mr Jung was right there…wrench in hand. 

Cheers JJ….and you as well Mel.

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