A Grayson Reminder

So this past Tuesday I shared one of those Facebook memories that pop up on occasion, mostly trivial and useless, “Hey, here’s that time you took a video of that crab on vacation” (no, not your mother-in-law…badumbump!…here all week, tip your waitstaff) or “Remember when you posted about toast?” or “Here’s a picture someone shared from 5 years ago of you, drunk with someone you don’t remember from back in the 90’s, though you may have slept with them.”

But Tuesday’s reminder wasn’t useless or trivial at all as it was of a video of my Bella on the kitchen table from 3 years ago in my old Hyde Park apartment where she, passively yet insistently, really has something on her mind. This video, because in her 8 years she has made barely a sound, is one of my favorite moments with her as she seems to be asking questions and, at the time, I knew these questions surely involved what was going on with that stray gray cat I was feeding that she could smell on me every day. It is also a little strange as to the timing of this Facebook memory presenting itself on my page when it did as it was just a day short of the 1 year anniversary of the sudden passing of that stray gray cat, who came to be my Grayson and a two year member of the then newly formed 3 Frankenteers.

I’ve been posting to my blog here for quite some time now, starting with life at the house, where Frankenberry’s Attic got its start, with Maria and JG and the gang of fur back then, before my eventual return to singleness (something I think I’m destined to), but I’ve always been proud that my two pieces about Gray, “Grayson” & Grayson Part II: It’s Never Just Black & White – There’s Sometimes A Gray Area” garnered some of the most views of any of my many posts, that along with the Dr Seussian ode to my dearest  Shoes “A Boy And His Cat In A Cone Plastic Hat”. (Not a lot of views relative to what people of the internet might consider a lot by the way, but a lot relative to my blog).

Though recently I’ve been posting a great deal from the Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny, first with Trump dialogues (which I need to get back to) and then with my ongoing set of Beatles themed parody tunes, posts that have racked up a good number of eyeballs, I’ve always been proudest of the tributes to my dearest friends when they leave as they are just so personal and such a comfort to me.

Now whether, on all these post views, people actually read the post all the way through I couldn’t tell ya (Grayson Part II is pretty long…like 3000+ words long). But just knowing that my two pieces for Grayson, one about the “save” and the other of the profound heartbreak at his passing so suddenly are right at the top in the way of views is just so heartwarming. It means, that a little scrawny, angry, left behind but eventual robust, happy, found gray cat got a few people to read his story, to remember, even for a moment, that he was here and that he was important.

Gray, it’s been a year now, and Bella and I soooo miss ya dude, but know this. Some folks out there took the time to get to know you my friend, to discover the ‘special’. That is a good thing.

A year later now my piece for Gray is linked above, it’s one of my best (and the link for my Dr Suessian ode to Shoe’s again as well). If ya take the time, surely Grayson would say thanks.

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