The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny: “Gettin’ Redder” – Song

(UPDATE: 08-30-19. I just couldn’t take #6 below and the being satisfied, at the time, with “note that it’s not your best…” 

No, “note that it’s not your best” won’t fly. Though it may still not be my best (that is all relative to my endeavors in this small canon of tunes in the first place I guess) I couldn’t let lyrics I worked hard to be sharp be relegated to “note that it’s not your best” and maybe be lost because the final product isn’t up to snuff, for me at least. This one is up to snuff by the way. 

I had to try and clean it up a bit, to try and fix that shitty verse plus some of the breaths that made me sound like I was running a fucking marathon. Ok, I feel better now. Thanks. Updated … it’s kind of a toe tapper by the way)

Taking a long weekend (a Friday and a Monday) for a single dude who gives not a shit, or two, or maybe even a three about such singleness involves a few things.

One: Stock up. You have no intention of leaving the house once you’re in, so that Thursday night make sure there is plenty of cat food, litter, beer and wings from Adam’s hot bar (grab an extra Wish Bone chunky blue cheese by the way, just in case, as being old and stuff you can’t quite remember if you have one in the fridge and you don’t want the headache of all the cursing when you get home if you don’t).

Two: If you do leave the house make it quick and productive, in your case, heading down to the station yesterday to sing out a new tune and email the pieces back to yourself.

Three: Get laundry done early, even if you plan on wearing the same shorts and underwear for four days (I did mention that I’m single right?) damning the judgers (fresh sheets on Tuesday). Good to have a backup just in case the Pope or someone’s Mom shows up.

Four: Think about shaving but decide against it as it is just too much bother and the mirror says “ehh? You’re kinda good”.

Five: Hang out in quiet with your Bella and the Unintentionals, She, Cricket the Blind and Mimi the Quirky while trying your best to keep an eye on the gang downstairs (loveable furry/feathered knuckleheads all), have a thought about maybe watching that movie you’ve so wanted to watch but opt out ’cause you’re just not in the mood to invest the time and then refer back to the quiet hanging out with Bella and the Unintentionals.

Six: Build a song from the afformentioned trip down to work yesterday, from the pieces you emailed to yourself and wonder why the hell you keep doing this but knowing exactly the reason. Note that it’s not your best, that that shredder verse sounds like shit and you can’t squeeze tight enough for some of the high notes but know that it has it’s moments. Words. Important ones … at least for you.

Seven: Feel profound anger at the state we’re in.

Eight: You’ll have to be good at six or else you’ll lose your fuckin’ mind.

A high five to myself (a “Too Something” thing … Russ knows) and to you all as well.

Cheers gang,

Gettin’ Redder 

We’re gettin’ redder all the time.

Democracy used to be cool (now it’s so passe)

It followed a true set of rules (they’re now so cliche)

Set by the father’s

Who took time to bother

Independence their then new crown jewel-ewll

I’m afraid where we sit we’re getting redder

As the GOP toes the line (thinking only purse)

Following trump cues to the letter

We’re getting redder

And Mitch won’t decline

We once were a free and proud land

But with despots we surely now stand

Trump tries to re-write while dimming the light

A constitution that’s not up to braa-aaand

I’m ‘fraid to admit we’re getting deader

a little deader in the mind (in the soul it’s worse)

I’m scared to admit it won’t get better

it won’t get better ‘less we de-cline

Getting so much redder all the time

We’re getting redder all the time

redder deader redder

For true elections we will pine

Values in a shredder

We once found a way to escape tyranny to keep us apart from cruel Kings and their word

But now we return and with trump words we’ll burn

Histry’s coming back vengeful full turn

We’ve got to escape now from the redder

Before it drowns us in the lies (yes it can get much worse)

We’ve got to stand up and to remember

When it was better and we were fine

We’ve got to get less redder there’s no time

Can we keep the red at bay-ay (stand up an be count-ed)

Push the auotcrat away-ay (grab hope make it swa-aay)

Can we get less redder while there’s time

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