Buccos/Mets Weekend #1: Reviving The Tradition

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 07-28-19)

Though we missed the last two seasons Jeremiah Johnsen and I have gotten back on the pilgrimage to Queens train (along with Melissa Anne from the old Cumulus road crew today). This will be 13 trips down here in the 15 years we’ve known each other now. Buccos/Mets. Finally a weekend series too, which means we’ll be back tomorrow for the day game.

I’d like to think that maybe I might bring my boys some luck today as they have hit rock bottom lately, but then again, I’ve been a Buccos fan for 50 years and they’ve only had two championships in that time and the last one was 40 years ago so well…

…here’s to baseball, a couple of tailgated dogs with horseradish mustard in the parking lot and good friends anyway…oh and a Pork Slap from a Butternuts.

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