A Kitten-Palooza At HVARS

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 07-20-19)

About a week or so ago Celie (my landlady) decided to bring a group of gray kittens back up to the house from the shelter. It was the Gang of Five who had started their kitten gig here at the house, with many a too cute picture being taken by this resident cat guy at the time, but eventually had their way made down the hill to the shelter to be “seen”. After one was seen and adopted the Gang of Five became the Gang of Four (don’t know if they “love a man in a uniform” or not, they’re cats after all, though surely there are plenty of children’s books with cutely uniformed cats performing cutely uniformed jobs in them so it’s possible…sorry old band/song reference…I could go on). Celie just loves this long hair/short hair set of fur which if you met them you’d understand, as do I, and she wanted to give them a little space in the Sunroom. Plus the shelter right now, Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, is kitten-palooza so it needed a little space as well.

Now I hadn’t been down to the shelter in a few weeks and when Celie told me of the above mentioned kitten-palooza (“Been caught kittening, once, at this Barnes Drive”) I figured I’d pop my head in and say Hi. It’s one of the many furry benefits of my current digs. She also said for me to check out the upstairs in the back if I did make my way down there, as if there weren’t enough downstairs, which I did and thus the reason for this post. For anyone that may be looking to add to the family there are countless deserving little ones here, older ones too, and no Sarah McLachlan or Phil Collins pulling at the heartstrings, which isn’t a slight by the way, not in the least. Those spots always get me and you I’m sure, as they should, and they do a tremendous service for our friends in fur, but I’ll go with something a bit more upbeat if I can, as I’ve referenced here (though dated) or maybe even a bit of classical for a change of pace.

But, again, if a kitten or kittens is or are on your radar then you need go no further. A hundred bucks will get all you need for the kitten start-up, shots, spays or neuters covered and the only real groundrule is that if you don’t already have a cat you take at least two. I’ve always felt that our friends need a friend besides us, a compatriot for the too long stretches when we’re not at home, thus the reason I’ve always had two (except when life does what it does and changes this rule – damn you life – and until, after a time and some hard heart shed tears, it can be reinstated) and Celie and the shelter feel the same. Yeh, I knew I liked this place.

I did check out the upstairs and if this post gets even just one of these little longings a spot then it will be words well spent.

PS: The little pretty one at the end, Savannah, is a shelter house cat. I first met her here, up top, at the house, in the sunroom as a matter of fact where the Gang of 4 are at the moment. She was in there with Cricket the Blind who I brought upstairs with me a while ago now. She’s deaf and has no use in her back end/legs but the shelter, with its smooth floors, provides a good spot for sliding herself along and doing what she does which is, well, just living and being an ambassador of such. It also gives her a good spot to be well cared for as that “no use” in her back end/legs does require some care. As I made my my way through the back to the upstairs she made her way over to me, I’d like to think maybe even recognizing me and I gave her a pet and a rub on the ear “Hello”. When I was done with my little video of the gang here there she was, much to my surprise. That’s a lot of stairs a “no use back end/legs” Savannah had to drag/slide herself up to catch back up with me. That perseverance, that need for a rub on the ear’s attention, that need for love, limitations or not, is what this is all about.

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