A Crow Knows

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 07-03-19)

So I just watched Celie, my landlady and good friend outside of my kitchen window that overlooks the back yard. She was patiently and lovingly dealing with a poor Crow that came her way, just within the last couple of days. He’d been injured and needed a spot. Thus this one. A good one.

In her gig of running a shelter, HVARS, this Momma Doolittle does life and the amount of it that I witness in need on a regular basis surely would be overwhelming to the best of us. But not her. The care of taking this injured Crow out into the sun for a little while and then convincing him, as he excitedly spoke Crow talk at her, to hop on her hand for a ride back into the house is beyond astounding and heartwarming.

Her selflessness is tiring and I see it, especially when I make my way downstairs in the mornings as she’s grabbing that first cup at the Keurig with heavy eyes. I’m also proud to pitch in when I can, to ease, even in a small way, that tired, to watch over the gang when needs be.

But the reason I post this is that we all should aspire to be as selfless, to kindly put an injured Crow at the top of our list or any other being, for that matter, that might be in need. At least if we can. To be just a little bit more selfless in general, a little more human.

A thought.

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