Buccos/Mets Weekend #2: The Air Is Really Thin Up Here

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 07-28-19)

We, Jeremiah Johnsen & Melissa Anne and I, literally, could not be sitting any higher at Citifield right now. Reminds me of my days with a press pass back in Pittsburgh in the early/mid 90’s (post playoff years) where I would use it on a Friday or a Saturday, when I didn’t have to get any sound for the morning show, grab a couple of dogs and a beer and make my way up to the 600 level to watch some bad, but still Black N Gold baseball (this was when my boys were starting their infamous record setting, sigh, streak of 20 straight losing seasons).

Now mind you I could have sat pretty much anywhere I wanted to back then, it’s not like Three Rivers was full for God’s sake, but I just loved sitting up high, just me and some baseball alone.

Well today, we’re up high, I mean really high, the only thing behind us is a fall. There is though a really nice breeze, a random Met fan to hold the Mr Met on the Moon Bobblehead I got so that I can show my sis that, yes, I was among the 1st 25,000 in and it’s all Bucks (her guy and Mets fan) and a cool view of NYC if you like that sort of thing.

As I’ve said countless times over the years and to the few Black N Golders I’ve high fived here today?

Let’s go Bucs!

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