Step Out (an Eldridge tune) – song

So I have this friend from my WVU days, Rob Eldridge, who plays guitar, something I’m most envious of, and back in January he posted a little ditty, as he called it, an instrumental just around a minute long and, at the time, I noted that it was waaaaay too cool. Simple and bluesy, from his lap, nonchalant, a good morning post, as he said, that made ya wanna sing along but it was just him pluckin’ no words to be found. I kept it in my back pocket.

This weekend, as I did my usual, telling the world to F* off, bother me again Monday, I have cats, I thought to maybe find a few words for it.

A friend recently posted to my page of Mark Russell passing away, the great piano playing political satirist who had no qualms of pointing things out when the pointing things out actually got noticed in great halls and maybe even made some folks uncomfortable. Is there anything better? A bit of an uncomfortable squirm for just those? A Hero he was.

And for five or so years I have been building parody songs of an equal political type here in the Attic (plus others of a different type – another time there but they are so much of a joy to write and sing to instrumentals I come across at work) parodies where I find an established tune’s instrumental and do my best to say things that would also make some folks feel uncomfortable knowing that whoever it is that I’m satirizing deserve the uncomfortable, never an occasion when they don’t, something about beds made.

Mine though have never had the same import of a Mark Russell but ya keep trying.

But, going back to this friend of mine, Rob, I thought to not make any uncomfortable statements for folks to maybe squirm this time around but instead add some new writ/sung words to his instrumental of a why I do this in the first place and why I still keep trying.

Cheers Rob.

Step Out (an Eldridge Tune)

I stepped out as I often do step

Grabbed some words to wonder to think just what if

If I could sing out with no attempts at sublime

Sing escape from wary fears of mine of the times

But just for moments small sake

Knowin’ this need be a shouted take

I would try to sing things that just needed be said

Rhymes dream dreaming in songs of what ifs

Break them out to maybe lesson the kids

Show them how we can all sing our song

Not hide our heads in sand hoping all is not wrong

No not go along with the dumb of the herd  

No stand up say your piece and do your best to be heard

Some rhymes have magic as they certainly can

Be response to times help us feel not also ran

Strung together right they just might be a piece strong and together more than …

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