So Then Sunday: Flat Earth (song)

Another try at creating a song from a production site instrumental that I did back in October. I’ve always really liked this one but I’m not quite sure why.

Flat Earth

I looked out onto the water

To a horizon that’s always just one crest away

It keeps stretching getting further

With every stroke ta-ken

Till soon a-gain  



Another day now

To leave me wonder

Do I even know what I want there

If I swim out

To the edge now

Skirting sea demons

But still fall off of this flat earth

Into space

What would I hope to find

Maybe a lover

From my immor-tal days

One blithely left behind to fend her heart’s ways

Maybe my father and a proper goodbye

Say sorry for not being there not looking to the


Or maybe Mother have her wake from her daze

And maybe recognize the world once again

Or am I just treading waves hoping they hold

Long enough

To skirt more demons

Before I fall

I looked again now

Onto the water

Horizon still always just one crest away

It keeps stretching getting further

With every stroke ta-ken

Till soon a-gain 


Maybe there’s still more air to gasp

Grasp and flail swim up from beneath the heavy waves

Back from off the edge of a flat earth

From space  

And swim back

Take on sea demons face to face

5 thoughts on “So Then Sunday: Flat Earth (song)

    1. Well Pere Ubu is a nice compliment thanks. As to influences I’ve always been a Beatles guy and bands they influenced, ya know, all the XTC’s of the world and also Chameleons UK and Bob Mould are my absolute faves. But when it comes to these tunes I do here, and there are only a few “originals” (my lyrics) other than my political parody tunes (yes my lyrics as well), it’s just coming across an instrumental at our production site at work that catches my ear and then seeing if I can write something to it.

      I did one about an ex back in March that I really like and a set of 3 silly tunes about some small time hoods for fun. Been working on a fourth installment recently to continue their story.

      Now I am no musician but I love to write and have discovered over the last 4 years or so that I like to “sing” as well. In quotes there because there is a little production magic involved. HeHe.

      I just really appreciate you taking the time Maryanne, thank you!!


    1. It really is Diane. Something different to be creative with, in this case treating an instrumental from our production site that I like as if it were my band and writing some lyrics. I’ve done a few others in the Attic in this vein and it really is some fun!!!


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