Schenectady (one)

(Saturday October 29)

In Schenectady (I’ve always wanted to say I’m in Schenectady) today at Union College with Spectrum News setting up for a debate tomorrow night.

Just so cool to hang with Greg and the crew again make a few extra $$ (or recoup some $$ lost with no Spectrum football covered this season) and have someone feed me, in this case a nice sandwich platter from the too kind Union College folks. I’m pretty easy if ya feed me and to tell you the truth I often mark the remembrance of gigs not by the event itself but by what lunch or dinner was that day.

One of the reasons I missed football this season was not just the games but taking home all the extra pizza and putting it in my freezer. I was still eating some of it after last season in June.

Hell, at our Marist debate gig a week ago last Monday & Tuesday, someone from the school ordered us Panera for lunch (I know fancy huh?). 20 sandwich lunch boxes. We had a crew of 7. Thank you unknown Marist lunch patron for the overestimate as I ate Panera for the rest of the week, lunch and dinner, the two day paycheck almost gravy (on a sandwich with a chocolate chip cookie and a bag of I almost don’t like them but still eat them potato chips).

Do I remember the debate off the top of my head? No. Do I remember eating free Panera for a week? Definitely (Cricket the blind says thank you as well, she was a big fan of the Sierra Turkey).

But anyway, just nice to get back with the crew and get paid to actually leave the house on a weekend. A worthy incentive for a nice change of pace.

The picture of me with the half mannequin debater stand-in prop was just proof for my parole officer that I showed up for work by the way (nice fella but a little preppy and not much of a talker. He does look like he works out though).

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