A Friday Football’s Miss

So another Facebook memory popped up this morning.

From October of last year:

Another game in the books and a dollar earned (well, after tolls, tax, snacks, gas and text stop hookers – a wash). Guilderland did some dancing and CBA wondered why their name of Collective Bargaining Agreement is so uninspiring. But I’ll take that wash any day. Cheers to another Friday Night Light’s escape and Greg breaking out the “Frankencam” every week, though I don’t really know how this could be considered good TV. I mean, Jesus! Look at that. You’re gonna frighten the children!!

My response to this Memory:

Man, I really miss doing our HS football games (Spectrum Sports opted for an outside production company this year – don’t ask). Yes, they were really long Fridays, leave work around 3:30p drive a couple of hours to some High School in the Albany area, work a game on the sidelines with my parabolic and then do the couple of hour return, usually home around 1am or so but once I did get to the whatever High School of the week was I just felt at home.

I know I am famously, in my small circle, happily anti-social these days but I miss the crew, I miss the crowding excitement, the crisp of Fall, even the cursing cold of the last couple of games on the schedule not feeling my toes, I miss the grunting, dramatic, loudly focused, almost comically so, exuberant sidelines of High School footballers doing what High School footballers do, fist bumps with recognized refs pre-game, I miss handing out chocolate at halftime to my fellow sideliners for the break, I miss the paycheck of course and I even miss that ride home, the quiet of it, best if it was clear and the moon lit the way, headlights almost unnecessary sometimes, I miss that last/first stop at an any McDonald’s for a large fry and a large Coke for the ride, I miss the tired of it after a day well dayed.

Plus the upper Hudson Valley has been denied now the once weekly grab, courtesy of director/boss/friend Greg, from the “Frankencam” … such a tragedy.

Though at least I’m not scaring the children with such shots this season.

There is that.

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