We Are (song)

The boss guy let everyone out Friday at 2, he’s good that way on holiday weekends and it is much appreciated. Hung around though for something that’s been in and out of the head wordin’ for a couple of weeks, the let out early a bonus as I was able to do what I do in song attempts for a few hours, having made sure all my shit was dotted and T’d (at least I hope so) for a long weekend to then get home at my regular hour to the furry girls with some editing play in hand for the workin’, headphones down.

Plus it was my birthday, the old man that I am. Whodathunk I’d be close to 60 someday? I know years are what they are, that they add up, but still back in my best of days it seemed so far away as to be almost unfathomable. But this was my gift to myself, just time to do what makes me happy … and sad, and frustrated and wanna throw shit angry.

Editorials in song.

This one is a bit of a drone, an Iggy Pop drone of his “The Passenger” but with a hook that just sticks.

We Are

We are the hypocrites

We’re pro-life but abandon born kids

Body autonomy’s a right against masks

And vaccines you’ve no right to task

Don’t tread on me, no you can’t even ask

But female autonomy’s a thing of the past

We’re disingenuous

We cry at vigils of schoolkids

More lost to our well paid hubris

We thought and prayer and rationalize

Blame our morality‘s claimed decline  

Not in our war chest for power outsized

Our lack of action is your fault it’s not ours

We sing la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Pompous self righteous is what we all are



We are

We are the Christianists

Women’s rights we won’t allow

Rape incest even under-age now

They’re just a new day’s opportunity

While we strut about in our piety

Making sure you bring about babies

Promptly out of mind once do the light they see


Free speech is what we insist

The right to misinform

The right to prop-a-gan-dize

And you can’t criticize now

Speech is what we decide now

We’ll legislate what you can and can’t say

Or violently bring your free to waste

Got our own rigged election plan

100’s GOP’s in on the scam

Break at states the will of them you’ll see

Not of the people but new you and me  

Results just for GOP’s new you and me

Our vision of a Democracy that’s just died

We sing la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Minority drunk w majority court



We are

We are the activists

From the court we legislate with new twist

It’s not the leftists we warned in past

Boogeymen to scare conservative kids

No it’s a Clarence bloc with a backwards breath

A new Christian way with a brand new breadth

And scope of what rights just might be next

And how we now can control your ways

The ones we know the Devil helps sway

Generations precedent progress gone away

A Singin’ la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la


La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la

We are

We are exceptional

Shoulder above all the ne’er-do-wells

Who think history’s about truth’s to tell

Not our re-write aleviate guilt

With no systemic racism cloud

We were just caretakers of a new world 

On the back’s of lessers who still owe us the price we paid

Singin’ La La La La La La La La La

We are

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