Half Days and Roll Overs

This past Monday I took half a day. I’ve discovered that I like them as I try to extra meter out just three weeks of PTO over the space of a year (the new weeks kicked in in mid May). It would be nice to have a few more days after 7 years but you work with what you got.

In recent years I would plan a Monday a month of a full day off (12 with 3 left to play with) Monday’s being the best of days to take, one, for my Prod boss Randy’s benefit as that is the least impactful day to be left alone in Production land, never a Friday, and two because it gives an odd off three day weekend, a sort of holiday with you being the only one who knows the occasion.  

But I’ve come to like these half day Mondays. I can take them and roll over around when a usual Monday alarm would happen, roll over, tell this usual to fuck off, dream weird vivid dreams, but still know that after that roll over that I can still go in a few hours later and make sure that I can cover what needs to happen on a Tuesday, even if I already did so on Friday, without worry.

I mean, I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but taking days sometimes stresses in a paranoid kind of way. Like when I do show up the next day there will be looks, there will somehow be found things that I may have missed. I don’t miss things I’d like to think, for the most part anyway, but still, looks and questions possibly asked.  

Anyway, this past Monday when Cricket the Blind woke me way too early, my other usual, slightly earlier usual Monday alarm, with her mournful sounding meowling and loud food crunching and water bowling and louder still litter boxing at a too early around 6am as she always does around this time on just Monday’s for some reason it seems (she is quite the unintentional cat comedian this one with her little braille Monday funny cat wristwatch) after another weekend of me being an idiot and staying up too late for some new writing or parody song lyric-ing or the reading of old things for inspiration of new ones like a little kid again finally enjoying a Mom NOT telling you to go to bed for a couple of nights I was able to just roll over and dream. Dream a strange dream.

I was at a movie, with two ex-girlfriends, a horror movie, and I don’t like horror movies (no, nothing to read into there … at least I don’t think/remember anyway, though repressed things can be quite surprising I’ve heard) a one where there was a murderous ventriloquist dummy doing murderous ventriloquist dummy stuff while wishing only to make it big in Nashville, as ventriloquist dummies are wont to do I guess in dreams, it’s new killing field, just with a singular haunting, halting country tune. Something darkly slow steel guitar about pickup trucks and guns and losing your dog and pretty girl vampires in short shorts and baseball hats, and I don’t like vampire movies (no, nothing to read into there … at least I don’t think/remember anyway, though repressed things can be quite surprising I’ve heard) and a string of dead.   

Now, what do you do with that kind of weird shit while rolling over?

You don’t.


You just roll over.

Remind me that I never want my subconscious to tell me of where things come from by the way.


You just roll over onto your stomach from a right arm side lay outstretched, on a half day, you change your head on a pillow, new head, the direction, your head facing left now no matter a chiropractor telling you that laying on your belly is not the best of sleep positions, you wait after a pee break at whatever in the morning for the umpteenth time (you’re old now and those pee breaks happen quite often, even when they don’t need to but thoughts to such just in case) wait for a Bella to lay down for a moment, just a moment, as she almost never does, you roll over. You wait for Cricket the Blind’s stand-up act at around an hour and half before you need to get up but knowing that you DON’T need to get up, not just yet, not today.

Is there anything better than a roll over, for a few extra’s amid weird dreams, on a Monday, or any day for that matter, if you’ve planned and are allowed?

I will look for a full day soon, half days have had their moments thus far, but I want a whole Monday where I damn the paranoid possible mistakes that I know I haven’t made and go beyond sleeping in for a few hours to a maybe sleeping day, with multiple roll overs and chiropractic admonishments (easy Doc, I know an evil ventriloquist dummy) and maybe a wake long enough to watch a movie, any movie, even a vampire horror chick flick with two ex-girlfriends and a haunting steel guitar country song.

Subconscious: Hey, we got an update for you.

Me: What?

Subconscious: An update. Been compiling a list of some things from the back of your head and think that maybe we might have an idea where this latest came from.

Me: Didn’t I just say that I don’t wanna know about that stuff?!

Subconscious: But some of this is REALLY interesting. You sure you don’t like horror flicks?

Me: Shut the fuck up.

Subconscious: Ok … but still … it’s quite a list …

Me: What did I just say?!

Subconscious: Sorry … but …

Roll over