Friday … We Want You To Be We (song)

I get no greater joy than a Friday night … really Steve, you don’t say … sorry, I guess that’s kind of an obvious thing right? duh? huh? Friday? But not something like, say, a Friday of my youth where stupid might have been my wingman and no matter how I may have tried to corral him he still remained stupid.

No, I get no greater joy now than a Friday night solo and maybe a new thing (stupid? Love ya brother, you had your moments … oh, and you still owe me 20 bucks by the way … ) or even a not new thing. Maybe just some simple words or the Magnum reboot season four, it should be tonight if it’s not taking that annoying seeming random week off or maybe Blue Bloods the same case (is it just me or is it just too funny cool that a show with Tom Selleck is preceded by a Magnum P.I. reboot? … yeah, probably just me).

But a new thing for me is a bit of tune, an attempt at saying something at a Friday, things, pieces sung in my little studio and emailed home followed by a somewhat late car ride and late cat hello’s and late cat food bowls and late apologies for a soon to be one mindedness with headphones and an editing.

And it doesn’t even have to be any good.

I get no greater joy than a Friday night.

(this one is for all the conservatives out there who somehow feel that THEY’RE being persecuted in their beliefs by not being allowed to dictate how everyone else lives – Fuck you)


(to Cheap Trick “I Want You To Want Me”)

We Want You … To Be … We

We want you to be we

We need you to be we

We’ll force so please just a-gree

Can’t have you livin’ feelin’ free

We want you to be we

Not right to live to your own de-gree

We know what’s best as only god does decree

We’ll shine up our partisan court, the one that’s been godly bought

Parade them over your free thought, make sure that you are sin free

We’re tired of spending time feelin’ persecuted

We need able dictate how your lives are executed  

It’s not fair to watch you all go about your happy dailies

While we’re forced to fret and live with all your evil failings

We want you to be we

See country the way that it should be

Revisioned right light history

One white and straight you’ll all see

And shine up on all old hurts, of unallowed to convert

Bring handmaids to life, ‘cause we know just what is right

Will we neglect children after grabbing their first real air

Of course cause hypocrisy we’ve got plenty in spare

We’ll only find our end until it is that you all stop tryin’

Pursuit of happiness is up to us to do the decidin’


We’ll work in a morality play’s future dire warnin’

But that future won’t know it from this backwards day future dawnin’


We want you to be we

We need you to be we

We’ll force so please just a-gree

And gay marriage is soon next up on the tee

We want you to be we

We need you to be we

We’ll force so please just a-gree

You’ll thank us soon you’ll all see

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