I Did …

I threw a stickball no hitter in my backyard

I mowed a “G” into the grass for Gail, my crush

I had my heart broken

I broke a heart (s)

I drove hundreds of miles on my own to a new thing

I opened many birthday presents

I started smoking

I regretted that

I kept a comfy place for cats

I rode my bike to make me feel like I was being healthy

I forgot my bike and sat fat assed

I gave an assist to an older woman of tall stuff at the grocery store

I went to college

I kept 40+ years lifelong friends

I complained

No one listened

I wished of aliens to take me away probings ok if such

I sang and even danced on occasion

I brought my glove to the ballpark, always, no matter my age

I looked at things differently, maybe, with the years


I got angry

I got sad

I got happy

I got a little crazed

I told myself it would all work out

I did / do life

I wasn’t dead before it could start

I wished someone would let our youngin’s do the same