Greene Crackers (quick song)

Was thinking the other day (not recommended by the way – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, it can take soooo much out of ya and no one really listens anyway) that the Green Acres theme song seemed kind of an obvious thing. An obvious thing when it comes to Margie Q Greene, Queen of the nutters who has somehow come to represent some of us these here days … freakin’ democracy.

Well, I finished up a Friday, a day that I had worked hard earlier in the week to get to, making sure that I had all my shit checked to hopefully coast for the last hour or two before cat and a couple of beers weekend time, before sans human time, before random movie time (thinkin’ “A Boy Called Christmas” to maybe lighten my cynical Christmas heart – I always have to watch one other than “It’s A wonderful Life” for a bit of a reminder) or the latest Netflix or Prime show time (season 3 of Lost in Space / season 6 of The Expanse).

But then I thought again (refer back to not recommended) to the theme song for Green Acres.

So I took a minute … literally just a minute when done … ok, a minute and change.

Greene Crackers

Greene crackers are the treat for me

The favorite snack of the new GOP

Buttered with lies that spread from sea to sea

Keep the truth just give us conspiracies

Margie Greene crackers is party’s new face

With Gosar, Gohmert & a guy taking girls ‘cross states

Throw in Boebert with a shiny gun case

it’s a GOP wagon to a really dim-lee lit place

The lies

White cries

More lies

Past dies

Authority life

Hello fascist right

Greene Crackers we are there


Yeah, what I said about thinkin’

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