Note To My Visitors Here In The Attic

First, excuse the clutter here, all the random thoughts out in the open or the hidden or forgotten ones in numerous storage bins that at least make good cat bed window seats and, yes, the corners could use a bit of a dusting (a leaf blower would surely do the trick) but overall it is a comfortable spot and though I’m not the most social of guys the visits from you are welcome and very much appreciated.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and maybe even enjoying spending that time with some of my clutter and randoms and observations, songs, silly things, experiments, posts of cats, cats in posts, inane stuff or shit that just falls flat … sometimes hard.

This note, besides the thank you for stopping by, is just to point out something to you who may like what you read here, a something that I do too often when it comes to the postings and a something that is constantly pissing me off and causing great internal conflict (the parody tunes aren’t included in this note as they are always ready to go lyrically after they’re sung at my little work studio and then, in pieces, brought home here to the “Attic” for the edit).

Me 2: Steve, put the thought down. Put the thought down and back away from the keyboard.

Me 1: What?

Me 2: Don’t do it.

Me 1: Do what?

Me 2: Post this before you’re really finished with it. Don’t do it.

Me 1: But this one is finished this time.

Me 2: Really, you mean like that recent feeling old or not feeling old one? That one you added a good bit to and revised some of after the posting?

Me 1: Well … that one was different.

Me 2: How exactly?

Me 1: Ummmm … well you see that … uhhhhh … ahhhh … that one was completely different.

Me 2: Look, that one was just like the others and you’re gonna post this too early as well, but just by a day or two, you’re gonna get a few views maybe even a good number for you, be happy with the instant gratification but then come back to it tomorrow, maybe over the next couple of days and realize that there’s edits and adds you feel you need to make it better.

Me 1: Yeah?! You’re point?

Me 2: Well, dumbass, you ARE going to make it better, come up with a more “final version” and then be pissed off at yourself because the initial views, maybe even a like or two, haven’t seen the best edition of it.

Me 1: Hey, don’t call me dumbass!

Me 2: But you are a dumbass.

Me 1: People might come back and see the better version.

Me 2: See, I’m right, you’re a dumbass. You really think anyone is coming back to read this crap a second time?

Me 1: But …

Me 2: Look, just be happy some folks are around in the first place for the initial posting. Ya know, color me crazy, but how about that first posting be the one you edited with a fresh look or added to actually be the FIRST one they see? How about that for concept huh?

Me 1: Shut up Me 2!

So anyway, a note here to my Attic company. Yeah, some of these posts are better’ now, at least in my Me 1 mind, after a second look post-posting and some re-working. Now I’m not asking you to revisit, that’s up to you, I again, just appreciate your taking the time in the first place. Just noting it is all and well, I can be something of a dumbass in this jumping the posting gun regard.

Me 2: Told you.

Me 1: Shut up … twice, Me 2!!

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